1. GH05TXZ

    Unsolved  IFruit App Stuck in the past?

    Hey so long story short i been playing gta since 360 release and in that time iv done almost any quick dupe glitch and only really have a few temp problems which i usually use another glitch to fix but this dam app for custom plates stopped working for me first it was crashing which i found the...
  2. D

    Unsolved  My RGH Xbox 360 is not detecting XeX menu (or any files) on my USB.

    My RGH Xbox 360 is not detecting XeX menu on my USB. I tried letting the Xbox format my stick to Fat32, still not working. I tried the live version of the XeX menu, still not working. I tried using Horizon, it says "invalid STFS package". I watched tutorials on how to fix that error, none of...
  3. A

    Solved  Possible fix for i-fruit app?

    I found that if you go into storage on your ps4, go to saved data, then go to Grand theft auto 5. Should be a save point called profile at 10.49 MB. In gta saved data. Erase the profile then load application. As soon as you get loading screen reset cache by pressing R1+L1. As soon as you load...
  4. H

    Discovery  Black screen on new shop

    To those of you that know glitches and mods here's a random lil bug i found hope you guys find it useful it was found on accident when changing my clothes. (may not need to do steps 2 & 3 unsure but i have to thanks to duffel bag not allowing me to change clothes) Step 1: have your friend inv...
  5. FacelessOne123


    Easy Text Tutorial 1: 1. Player 2 join a friend in multiplayer 2. Player 2 open social 3. Player 1 start searching for a Gunfight match 4. Once found a match, host leave alone 5. Player 2 exit social 6. Player 2 go to custom games 7. Player 1 join player 2 8. Player 2 join player 1 (failed to...
  6. D

    Discovery  Fortnite Battle Royale bug

    You can walk through the ceiling in the Colossal Coliseum and you can shoot everyone out of there, while everything around you is indestructable. Video shows everything.
  7. Dolyfin

    Solved  Duped issi selling for exactly 1 mil max no matter the upgrade

    Switched from duping retro custom elegys (still have 11 tho) to a max issi which the original sells for 2m~ but if i dupe it only shown 1000000 (1mil) sell price in LSC no matter what the upgrades are. I’m duping the issis over free elegys. The retro custom elegy still sells for the 930k. Am i...
  8. ImKuhl

    Unsolved  Why is this happening?

    So this is my problem. Happens every game at anytime. Its the only multiplayer game that does this. It has been unplayable after the first update since it came out. I have asked on every forum and support that works with the game. I have tried every troubleshoot and port forwarding. I have...
  9. Karoleiro


    Hello my friends, I got the update and everything on RDR2 and I cannot see anywhere in my map poker or any tables in saloons giving me the option to play poker in RDR2 online. Does anyone have the same problem? I am level 43, do I need to level up to play? Should I do something to unlock the...
  10. P

    GAMEBREAKING lifeline health glitch

  11. POoDickTracy

    Working  Nightmare Deathbike that changes color (from white to Crew)

    All credit goes to the founder of the Arena Matte Crew glitch sup4m0dz777 https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/crew-matte-texture-pearl-on-arena-war-vehicles.1752523/ Using the Arena Vehicle Matte crew glitch gives the Nightmare Deathbike a strange bug. 1. Buy the Gargoyle to the Arena...
  12. B

    Discovery  Rdr2 Online Money Glitch Fish Bug

    I found this today when a few people were doing it. First: Go down to Scratching point a little bit southwest of tumbleweed. Second: go to the barrels behind the shed Third: pick up the random spawning fish Fourth: Switch to a different lobby rinse then repeat You earn about 44 dollars every few min
  13. NightlyPower

    Video  SOLO GTA Online DM Glitch GTA 5 Director Mode Bug Patch 1.46

  14. Michael van Rees

    All  ANTHEM - Get Double Rewards From Stronghold Bosses

    Ive done this multiple times on GrandMaster 1 on the stronghold The Tyrant Mine and it works every time. First make the boss as low health as possible, then get as close to the boss as posible and kill it. When you see the rewards drop be very quick and pick them up straight away. Remember how...
  15. llcubell

    Discussion  Red Dead Online: Unreleased Content & Bugs?

    So, I've been playing the series matches online for a bit now and I've noticed something that not many people are talking about. There's a few pictures that come up in the loading screens of players. In these shots I've caught a few items we don't even have access to... yet. I'm going to start...
  16. L

    Solved  Overall income & Overall expenses shows -$

    Noticed that in game stats shows are negative money of the Overall income and Overall expenses.All have this bug who have a B$?Does it affects on future income and expense?
  17. S

    Solved  Cannot get Ballistic Equipment from quick-menu inventory

    Hi, I bought the Ballistic Equipment from Warstock Cache&Carry, but i cannot get it from the inventory. It says "You do not currently own the Ballistic Equipment. Purchase it at www.warstock-cache-and-carry.com." But in the store menu it says "NOT SOLD Purchase Failed. You have already...
  18. The_illegal_Taco

    Solved  How to fix PC gta online tutorial bug?

    I keep getting an error saying i haven’t completed the gta tutorial and has me agree to the TOS over and over again. I cant go straight onto online. I have to go around different options to go online. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  19. Bosko

    Solved  Fatal crash when using guide options such as friends, party and messages.

    Before all the updates where pushed on "********" i was playing a normal game, i went to view a profile and i fatal crashed (btw it was NOT a spoofed gt that makes you freeze), i rebooted and i got kv banned then i got a new kv and got console banned, i got a new kv and profile and now i cant...

    Solved  Im selling not duped car for less that it's usually should be

    hello support section so through the freeze money glitch i fulled my garages on both characters with vigilanies, opressors, and bamoshkas but here is the problem when i sell a bamboshka or any vehicle on my secound character its normal and it gives me 2.3 mil but if i switch to the first...
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