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  1. P

    Question  Trying to Cheat gold into ffx remastered using Bruteforce Save Data

    I've been trying a bajillion different ways to cheat gold into FFx remastered. The xbox was so simpler to get a save editor going holy crap. So I've got Bruteforce Save Data 4.4.2 installed, the latest release lights up like a xmas tree with virus hits. Also have ps3 save resigner installed...
  2. R

    Solved  BruteForce Issues

    Hello all. I've been trying to find good working links for gibbed and bruteforce but cannot find a single working link. Any I attempt to install give me an error. Are there are good links for bruteforce downloads that work with the newest gibbed? I'm relatively new to bruteforce and gibbed but...
  3. James Reborn

    .NET  James reborns Protection Program ( 47 Methods )

    Today I finally Release my Encryption/Decryption Program I have been working on for a few months Update #4 DOWNLOAD Virus Scan It's perfectly safe it has detections cause of all the encryption/decryption methods I used RAR PASSWORD = James reborn 63 Generators - Able to Customize Gen...
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