bricked console

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    Unsolved i live in UK, there's a certain amount of interaction listening to American said reset thought turn off.So during How to Jailbreak Your

    So during How to Jailbreak Your PS3 on Firmware 4.85 or Lower! Just finished the dump about to load. SPY_485_COBRA_801_AE8B8BCE1EB6571C6E1AF587F6DCC213_PS3UPDAT multiMAN_04.85.01_BASE_(20191010).pkg.714.v04.85.01_brewology_com but as I turn off not reset the machine is locked up sits on red...
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    Unsolved Wiped nand on cecha01

    Yesterday I got this early 2007 cecha01 ps3 with rebug 4.82.2 D-Rex from a friend that messed with It. While trying to install an older version of the ps3 pro mod the ***** erased almost all the folders from dev_blind, so the system was only able to boot into safe mode, He told me that selecting...
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    Solved (help) Trinity wont boot (Not Bricked) (RGH 2.0)

    Okay, So what is up guys I've been stuck with this problem for a while and it only seems to be getting worse I'm wondering if you guys could help me I've been searching for so long and cant find a fix anywhere I've seriously tried everything I can find so lets get down to the problem The...
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