1. Red

    Tutorial  Nintendo Switch Control Library - Create controller macros using Arduino Leonardo

    Please note, I am not the creator or maintainer of this Library. All credit goes to @lefmarna I've only recently learned about this, and wanted to contribute to his project by creating some documentation/resources in English. More guides will be added to this thread as I learn more & if...
  2. dustybuns

    Hi, I host apex legends bot lobbies and ranked boosting [free]

    Description- I will put you in a bot lobby, either in public matches or ranked matches (Dependent on your goal) what to expect: PUBLIC MATCHES *10-20 kills per game *Easy 4-5k damage what to expect: RANKED MATCHES *max KP, easily *win every game *rank doesn’t matter requirements- MUST HAVE...
  3. FacelessOne123


    - go to vs bots and press start - press the ps5 button and go to quickplay menu and press square on the onslaught nuketown - then let your friend join you need to change the map as example to zoo with free for all - start the match after you seen the square in the bodem right means you the...
  4. Maxmumsmg

    looking for someone who has a bot lobby

    looking for a bot lobby
  5. VirtusGraphics

    Show Off  Thread design | Grafik — A Discord Graphic design bot

    Made a thread design (an ad of sorts) for a bot I made
  6. F

    BO4 PowerLevel Lobby 8 Xbox bot

    BO4 Boosting at its finest No taking turns , you kill the whole time . No dealing with squeakers . Pro booster , with the best lobbies around . Serious only Message Gtag : Lease
  7. X

    Unsolved  Let xbox autoplay

    What mechanism can i buy for let xbox play alone?
  8. DefaultT

    Other  [PokeOne][v1.0.0.2]

    This bot uses pixel detection and will take over your mouse, use F10 to stop the bot and gain control of your mouse again. Do not use shiny catcher if you have a shiny in your party, youll have a bad time. Download: [V1.0.0.2]...
  9. Sosa

    Discussion  Sick Crypto Trading Bot I found, Like Gunbot!

    I found this in a discord server about crypto, its a trading bot similar to gunbot if you have heard of that. I'll post some screenshots below. Its called MyBitFlip Check out the website too! It's really a nice program.
  10. PSGAndr3w

    Discussion  Bit of conjecture on a weird account, and how Dev Xboxs may function.

    Just as a preface, this is all conjecture I've thought up. I haven't kept up with the XB1 modding scene, and as you'll have noticed, I haven't been on S7 in nearly a year. Now! Tinfoil hats on everyone! So over the past few weeks I've been watching one account in specific, mostly because it has...
  11. GuyTM

    Bot Lobby

    Need someone to help me start the xp bot lobby GT: Exo H3r0ica Message me, please have a mic
  12. P

    Solved  PokeMMO bot

    Hey guys, idk if this is the right place but could i request a pokemmo bot? Working one, cuz all ive found around are old and broken. This game has started to have more and more users back, so a bot would be awesome :) tyty
  13. S

    Solved  where do i get Bo2 Bot renamer?

    I been looking every where and even asking people HELP
  14. A

    Solved  "Console" replacement with your own bot name for multiplayer server

    Hi everyone... I just wanted to find out how I can replace the in-game messages that are like this: console: (bot name): <server message> to this only (bot name): <server message> So basically I want to remove the "console" and just have the bot name I've seen this on other CoD4 servers...
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