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bot lobby

  1. Philman

    MW2 22 boosting

    looking for players who's keen to boost! I have 2x separate consoles running 4 bots need other players to fill in the spots discord: PhilMan443#3408
  2. 0x01940xxx

    Anyone doing Free boosting? (Bot Lobbies)

    Hello, I am currently looking for someone to host/create a bot lobby (Boosting Lobby) For warzone. This can be on PC/PS4/XBOX because of crossplay. My account info is below~ Activision: PackedUP32#7469323
  3. dustybuns

    Hi, I host apex legends bot lobbies and ranked boosting [free]

    Description- I will put you in a bot lobby, either in public matches or ranked matches (Dependent on your goal) what to expect: PUBLIC MATCHES *10-20 kills per game *Easy 4-5k damage what to expect: RANKED MATCHES *max KP, easily *win every game *rank doesn’t matter requirements- MUST HAVE...
  4. FacelessOne123


    - go to vs bots and press start - press the ps5 button and go to quickplay menu and press square on the onslaught nuketown - then let your friend join you need to change the map as example to zoo with free for all - start the match after you seen the square in the bodem right means you the...
  5. Cameron Shaw

    Anyone Hosting boosting lobby

    I want to join a boosting lobby got 2 controllers mic add my activision Shawzy#9606684
  6. 0vibe

    Hosting Xp Lobbys/Bot Lobbys

    Hosting Xp Lobbys/Bot Lobbys
  7. X

    any boosting lobbies i can join?

    any boosting lobby/bot lobby i can join? add Tyrone#4701526 and add my snap just incase i domt respond (never shows the ftiend requests i get) snapchat: gameboyyt7
  8. A

    hey can anyone invite me to boosting lobbies please? want to grind for Damascus

    hey can anyone invite me to boosting lobbies please? want to grind for Damascus
  9. Jugger_

    Patched  How to UNLOCK ANY CHALLENGE in CUSTOM GAMES on Black Ops Cold War! (Cold War Bot Lobby Glitch)

    Hello everyone, Here's the full tutorial on how to Unlock Challenges in Custom Games on Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer! Steps : • First of all, you're going to need a friend for this glitch • Your friend is gonna need to go to Custom Games & set up a gamemode with all the rules you want • Then...
  10. E

    Call of Duty MW 2019 FREE Frozen Bot Lobby [PC, Xbox & PS4!]

    Welcome to my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 FREE Frozen Bot Lobby! You are able to join on PC, Xbox and Ps4! Unfortunately I am only able to host 4 people at a time. I will be hosting each lobby for at least 30 minutes and I will then recycle the lobby with new people to give everyone a...
  11. Maxmumsmg

    looking for someone who has a bot lobby

    looking for a bot lobby
  12. C


    requirements- 2 controllers and a alt account for split screen and a mic
  13. J

    bot lobby for pc player?

    can anybody host bot lobbies including a pc player? lmk asap please and thankyou
  14. S

    Need people who can do the bot lobby, I'm on Xbox if it matters

    I need someone to get me into a bit lobby or teach me how to make one, I'm on xbox
  15. O

    [Any Platform] Free COD Bot Boosting Lobbies <3

    Currently: CLOSED! (NOTE: Activision name will not always be what is listed above!) After recieving the service please post a vouch as im doing these services for free <3 Make sure to leave +REP aswell if you enjoyed the lobby
  16. Papa Legba

    Question  [BOOSTING] -HELP- How i can make my own "bot" lobby

    Hi everyone ! I need some help with the method to make my own lobby. I have 3 xbox one & 1 ps4, i connect 2 controllers on all consoles. I've been buy an account for NordVPN & i don't know how i can match the all consoles in the same game... I tried a few method but is does not work anymore i...
  17. Jugger_

    Working  How to GET UNLIMITED XP & UNLOCK ANY CHALLENGE in CUSTOM GAMES on Black Ops 3! (BO3 XP Lobby 2020)

    Requirements: - 1 Friend Steps: - First of all, ask your friend to search a game in public match in a game mode that most people don't play - Once your friend is in a lobby, go to your friends list, click on his profile & press "join game" then press custom game - It should put you in custom...
  18. Jugger_

    Discovery  BO3 XP Bot Method will be Released in a few days :)

    Hello everyone, So I found an XP Bot method on BO3 working on all platforms & I will be releasing it in a few days soo stay tuned :)
  19. K

    Bot lobby ps4

    Kingkai200 ps4 bot lobby
  20. Jagernauts

    Looking for boosting/Bot Lobby

    Really only trying to get 30 kills without dying and that’s it. Anything helps thanks. Psn: Jagernauts
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