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    Borderlands 3 xp lobbies

    Same here. Im looking for someone who can just xp boost me but modded guns are also ideal
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    Gamesaves  Decrypted PS4 Saves

    All of the saves in this repository will have PS4 save data encryption removed from them. Added Eboot.bin to help find keys [Eboot is still encrypted] The thread is now locked if you want more information DM or go to the thread below...
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    Working  Still Working Super Easy Unlimited Golden Keys Glitch, Works All Platforms 2020

    Step 1: Make sure you have some keys available to redeem in your Inbox, dont redeem yet. The more you have stacked, the better. Step 2: Disconnect your console from the internet, wait for the Connection Lost message and redeem the keys. Step 3: Save and quit to the main menu and load back...
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    Working  Easy Duplication Glitch - Easiest Method 2020

    WORKS ALL PLATFORMS Step 1: Have a friend invite you to a game. Whoever will be receiving the items MUST be host. Step 2: Set up a trade and select the weapons you want to duplicate. Step 3: Confirm the trade with your friend and simply close your application when the timer says 1. Your friend...
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    Unsolved  [PS4] Change region of save?

    Hello guys, I had a question regarding the regions of the Borderlands 3 save. I've been living in Japan since last year and I bought Borderlands 3, here in Japan and while wanting to download the DLCs from my French friend's account I realized that I couldn't install them because my game was...
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    Unsolved  Help Modding Borderlands 3

    okay I'm trying to mod Borderlands I have this weapon but I liked it so much I want to just make it a higher level I've been looking at videos and stuff I download a cheat engine I'm Borderlands 2 I have did some things where they you change some stuff to attachments and I had like a website all...
  7. How to get triple booster in Borderlands 3

    How to get triple booster in Borderlands 3

    How to unlock the Triple Booster cyclone in BL3


    the the locations of the Slaughter Arenas, Cistern of Slaughter, Slaughter Shaft, Slaughter Star 3000
  9. New Borderlands 3 Story DLC Releases Next Month

    New Borderlands 3 Story DLC Releases Next Month

    Gearbox has announced the first DLC campaign for Borderlands 3, Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpot, will launch on December 19. The DLC is the final piece of Borderlands 3 post-launch content scheduled for 2019--though Gearbox's loot shooter will get more campaign add-ons starting in 2020...
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    Working  Unlimited Free Legendaries - Lilith's Chest Exploit

    This works on PS4 and I assume it'll work on other platforms as well, but I can only test on PS4. So I was playing through TVHM this morning rushing the story missions to unlock mayhem 3, when an idea occurred to me, and it turned out to be a happy success. So you can do this in VH also, but...
  11. Borderlands 3, One Small Feature To Make Multiplayer Painless

    Borderlands 3, One Small Feature To Make Multiplayer Painless

    Borderlands 3 offers players countless small improvements over its predecessors. With things like switching quests with a single button press, mantling, and the intuitive ping system, quality-of-life improvements are all over the game. But there is one feature the game doesn’t have that would be...
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    Boosting Service 1-50

    Add me on ps4 DeadassBFacts or post your psn here, I'll boost you when I can.
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    Tutorial  Borderlands 3 Memory Editor For Modding Guns, Items, Etc

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    Legendary Farming {lvl 50} Sessions

    If anyone would like to come join while I fill the slaughterstar 3000 with legionaries just drop me a pm with your in game epic name
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    Solved  Specific question about Gibbed Save Editor

    Long story short, I hate the level scaling in this game... In an ideal world, we would have the option to have level scaling from level 1. That said, the only real option I have right now is to download a save file someone has uploaded that has normal mode story completed so I can then play the...
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    News  Borderlands 3 Hot Fixes [Updated 9/19/2019]

    This week’s Borderlands 3 hot fixes, which will be live by or before 3:00 PM PDT today, target weapon & enemy balance, player characters, and adjusting chances of specific unique drops. Billions of guns were fired and after collecting some data, we wanted to balance some weapon types and weapon...
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    Code  Gibbed Save Editor - Borderlands 3

    Just heard that Gibbed Save Editor may be set to release within a weeks time, he posted a tweet on his Twitter saying no promises but from the sound of it it's close to ready. Here is the source code on GitHub: Rick's Blog:
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    Boosting & Duping Requests

    Seems like the xbox has a section for this, thought i'd make one for ps4. Personally im looking for a moze legendary class mod, one that goes well with a red tree 1hp build. I have a generic amount of legendary's about if people want to request by name.
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    Unsolved  Max stats in all 3 trees?

    My friend made a new character on ps4 and apparently when he went into a lobby he was given max cash and 100% on all trees and max guardian tokens with max stats. Is anyone aware of how to do this and if so can someone do it for me also? Im on ps4. Im not sure how he received these without...
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    News  Borderlands 3 inspired hair dye.

    Apparently they are making hair dye now.
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