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  1. D

    Discussion  Borderlands 2 Sanity Gun Pack (PASSES SANITY CHECK)

    Hello Many of you are probably trying to find out weapon codes that are modded and pass the sanity check, I know I did. So I took it upon my self to make a Gun pack that passes sanity check. Its not finished for know,When its done the download link will be here so keep checking. :smile: One more...
  2. M

    Borderlands 2 PS3 Level Boosting, Currency & Eridium Drops, Skins & Legendary Drops.

    Hey, Im willing to host free lobbies to anyone that needs anything dealing with borderlands 2 on PS3. What I can Give: Eridium Money Legendaries (Lvl50 & Lvl72 OP8) Class Mods (Lvl50 & Lvl72 OP8) Grenade Mods (Lvl50 & Lvl72 OP8) Relics (Lvl50 & Lvl72 OP8) Class Skins Vehicle Skins Lvl 50 & 72...
  3. James reborn

    Tutorial  My Methods For Weapons ( Backwards Shooting... )

    Okay, I never wanted to release this... But??, Ever since I stopped Modding Borderlands 2 after I completed my Hybrid Creator I felt like Borderlands 2 Modding has wheeled down a bit so I thought I would Release everything I discovered over the months of Modding Borderlands 2. If I feel to edit...
  4. K

    Borderlands 2 modded lobby host PC

    I am hosting pc modded lobby free level ups and free legendarys msg me on steam @Kirby12345 or here is fine
  5. C

    Solved  Recovering a corrupted save from 2013

    Hi all, as title says, I recently got back into playing the game and I am trying to recover some of my old saves that I kept from around the start of 2013. Problem is, I have copied my two .sav files for my Zero and Gunzerker, but it's showing up as corrupted in the game. I have tried using...
  6. G

    Solved  Looking for save game Borderlands 2

    Looking for a save game for Borderlands 2 with all 80 level missions completed. Missions need to looks "LEVEL: 80 DIFFICULTY: IMPOSSIBLE" Just like here Any weapons, any character
  7. maxw225

    Solved  Stopping the BAR transfer

    Hi, I am looking to have a fresh start on my handsome collection on my ps4 (reset badass rank) but I am unable to do this as my modded badass rank keeps transferring over. I have contacted 2K but they won't help me because they don't agree with people modding their game. I don't really care...
  8. T

    Gamesaves  Looking for specific gamesaves!

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to help me mod a game save for Gunzerker and Siren at level 61 with TVHM unlocked, up to date weapons, max money and max eridium. Not looking for maxxed skill trees or anything to affect the actual gameplay like super weapons! Can't seem to find any barebones saves...
  9. James reborn

    Tutorial  Hybrid Saves Setup to Make Guns

    These saves are setup to start making weapons instantly Virus Scan : Click Here Download : Click Here
  10. James reborn

    Tutorial  All Assembly's/Strings in Borderlands 2...

    This file contains everything in Borderlands 2 Code Wise I may say... Click here to Download the file... Virus Scan Click Here...
  11. James reborn

    Tutorial  Customization Glitch ( VEHICLE SKINS ON PLAYER )

    ok, You are probably wondering how to do it since you clicked here. 1st Step - Have a character loaded - Have the head and skin you want it to glitch as I have the head and skin below the red scribble. 2nd Step - Switch character - NOW YOUR HEAD AND SKIN SHOULD BE BLANK 3rd Step - OK NOW...
  12. J77990

    Borderlands 2 lvl 72 xp lobby.

    I will be hosting a borderlands 2 xp lobby pretty much all night. Can do lvl 72. If you need help with op8 I would love to help. Can also do a weapon drop for any level. If interested send me a message on xbox. GT: MTX Attitude. Donations accepted. Keeps me motivated to do it, but by all means...
  13. Marek Plays

    Weapon Drops And Levels! Modded Lobbies! 24/7 [FREE]

    Hey PC Only! I do modded lobbies and I can do weapon drops! IT FREE! all you need to do is add me on steam! Put your steam in the comments and I will add you... make sure you have the right steam if you dont make sure its the right steam I might not even add you. I recommend putting your steam...
  14. Bannanavapes


    XBOX 360 BORDERLANDS 2 DROPS THIS LOBBY IS [CLOSED] ___________________________________________ Hey guys I'm dropping level 61 gear on borderlands 2 All DROPS are level 61 --------------------- (all) Butchers Wanderlust (Dlc) Slagga (all) conference calls (all) norfleets Double Unkempt...
  15. J77990

    Borderlands 2 xp lobby/weapon drop

    I will be doing borderlands 2 mod drops pm me for info. I can get any weapon, class mod, drop, pretty much anything in borderlands 2. Just message me if interested. Also can drop master copys. Also can do xp lobbys, max out skill trees and much more :smile: My paypal link is if...
  16. S

    Xbox One  Borderlands 2 Duping

    Does anyone want to dupe me some elemental Norfleets, a legendary torch class mod for the Psycho, a low level Logan's gun and a chain lightning? Thank you for your time. My Gt is SirKinkington69 and I hope this post finds you well.
  17. James reborn

    .NET  James reborns Hybrid Creator v3

    James reborns Hybrid Creator v3.2 Updated 6/6/2018 My Program Simply made to make Hybrid Weapons, Easier, Faster and More Efficiently. This Program is a Helping Guide For Gibbed Save Editor. Virus Scan: Click Here Download Tool: Click Here Info about DLL: HERE If there are any missing...
  18. James reborn

    Tutorial  Newbies Using Gibbed...

  19. James reborn

    Tutorial  Gun Type Elements / Manufacturers on Pandora

    All Gun Type Elements/Manufacturers on Pandora [/SPOILER] ---------------------------------------------------- GD_Manufacturers.Manufacturers.Dahl ---------------------------------------------------- GD_Manufacturers.Manufacturers.Maliwan...
  20. James reborn

    Tutorial  Hybrids Saves

    Hybrid Saves Hybrid Saves : Here Virus Scan
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