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  1. SadieAdams75

    Discussion  Borderlands 2 modded gear/gun

    So my last playstation I had corrupted all my data and I had to start over on a lot of my games, BL2 happened to be one of them. I have regain alot of my stuff like levels but I haven't been able to regain my modded weapons and I would really like those back. Can anyone please help me?
  2. Ikonic_knight

    Boosting to level 72

    I need help boosting to level 72
  3. B

    Unsolved  Savable explosive/ shock relic

    Hi there is a explosive/slag relic that saves on bl2 its black but still will save. I've been asked by a few people if I could make a explosive/ shock relic. I am very familiar with gibbed any help would be appreciated. Or if anyone has access to a save file that has the explosive slag relic I...
  4. R

    Tutorial  Look for boosting lobby

    Looking for a boosting lobby to level up some characters I play on pc :)
  5. R

    Looking for a Borderlands 2 Boosting server PC

    Currently looking for someone to boost my character to max level on borderlands 2 I’m level 42 on true vault hunter mode it would be nice if you could do multiple toons but I’m fine with one
  6. ghazalo

    Game Mods  GIBBED is not working anymore

    Dears I noticed after I finally make the PS4 savegame to xbox360 happen (thanks to tyrant) and his youtube video I found that Gibbed is not opening the saves any more , anyone know why or how to make it work again? if there is tutorial with links for all tools will be great thanks all
  7. J

    Tutorial  need someone to help boost me to 72 in bl2 PSN: Jaydoonska03

    just need someone to quickly boost me to lvl 72 or help me speedrun the first playthrough from bunker PSN: Jaydoonska03
  8. L

    Solved  Impaler Shield with different elements?

    Hi everyone :smile: I was wondering if anyone here knows how to create or mod an impaler shield in order to change its element, for example an impaler that gives you shock resistance and deals shock damage to melee attackers and shoots shock darts to gunners. (yes, I would love to have a shock...
  9. ProtoBuffers

    Gamesaves  All you need save pack BL2/TPS/BL1 [Hybrids (blacks), Boosting, Droppers, and More]

    (SAVE PACK CREATED BY XCIER-FREEDOM/PROTOBUFFERS) [ Current Issues] New saves can be found at
  10. EmMe94

    Tutorial  All Area Challenges Complete (Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary included)

    This guide will allow you to complete all the area challenges of the Badass Rank of Borderlands 2 using Gibbed's Save Editor. This includes the challenges of all DLCs so far (Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, Tiny Tina's...
  11. Raccona

    (Gibbed-Save) i cant choose any OP level

    Hey, my problem is after i gibbed a char too lvl 72 and op 8, i can not choose any op level. i srsly want too play against OP8 bots but i can still play only vs 72-74 (I try change it via "LatestPlaythrough,..." and try to run the raid now 3xtimes) since yesterday i search for a answer but...
  12. EmMe94

    Solved  All Challenges save and TVHM complete

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a save with all the challenges unlocked and the main quest complete or advanced until "The Talon of God" (as a Boosted Character but on TVHM). DLCs quests doesn't matter but area challenges does.
  13. DrVulcan

    OP 0 - 10 Boosting {Closed}

    Leave your name below For an invite, Be patient Doing a lot of them today.
  14. BorderlandsFiend

    Solved  UVHM 100% complete save

    So I ****ed up really bad while tinkering with my save and somehow my entire playthrough of UVHM is reset and i cant change it back and really dont wanna play through the entire main campain and every dlc and headhunters that took me weeks to complete :( Is there a way to make every main mission...
  15. S

    Solved  Borderlands 2 ps3 save

    Does anyone have a level 50 save all orange weapons for ps3? I've been trying to look for one for hours and all I've seen were either xbox saves and pc saves. Also I'm moving save datas from my phone to usb to my ps3 btw I am not able to use bruteforce bc I dont have a computer.
  16. Ratkiller

    Tutorial  I Made All Elements Of The Peak Opener

  17. R

    Solved  BruteForce Issues

    Hello all. I've been trying to find good working links for gibbed and bruteforce but cannot find a single working link. Any I attempt to install give me an error. Are there are good links for bruteforce downloads that work with the newest gibbed? I'm relatively new to bruteforce and gibbed but...
  18. sonofkorol

    Solved  Running into problems with using gibbed.

    So i have BL2 for 360 and One. I don't have all of the Dlc on 360. I'm trying to get Dlc items onto my Xbox one version, but I'm running into a rather unique problem. When the character is loaded on 360 it says there is missing Dlc. When i uploaded the character to the cloud and loaded it on...
  19. Gods Vain

    Tutorial  How to keep your hybrid character on xbox one

    In order to do this you must get a fresh hybrid save onto your cloud save which means you must have a 360, then upload the hybrid to your Xbox one, then go on your xbox one and download the character. Once you load in and collect all of your guns, most people assume that save is done for and you...
  20. Gods Vain

    Tutorial  How to mod you GPD on Xbox One

    In order for this to work you MUST HAVE A 360, if your badass rank has ever been modded on the 360 it will transfer over from 360 to xbox one, but the thing is it only transfers over the rank and not the bonus stats which will result in you only having a f*** ton of badass tokens and you...
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