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borderlands 2 boost

  1. B

    Solved  Looking for a modded storm front

    So i came across a modded storm front in my game and im not sure on how to recreate it, and i cant open my character on Gibb since i only have the grenade on Xbox One. Its a storm front with the exact same stats as: BL2(BwAAAAAh2QAEDzzoIBBQaBzDD8P/fwsDDoMOgwxDHQMSww==) (if i linked the right...
  2. priest489

    Bl2 Power Leveling

    Power Leveling to 72 then OP8 and dropping Guns Leave gamer tag in description
  3. S

    Solved  What can I do to fix this modded class mod?

    I have recently decided to add the 'Blue Legendary Class Mods' (found in 'Sparfire's albums', obviously, in regards to Bordlerlands 2) for my Salvador on Xbox 360. I have managed to use the Legendary Gunzerker, Legendary Hoarder and Legendary Titan class mods, despite the fact that I do not have...
  4. Im Zer0 Syndicate

    Solved  Help with modding: I need a save extractor that works on Linux!

    I have been wanting to use mods for SUCH A LONG TIME, but I'm on Linux (Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon). I need a SAVE EXTRACTOR, and NOT Modio, Horizon, or USBXTAF (because I have had unfixable problems with all of them). I would also really appreciate if you had a method to use gibbed save editor on...
  5. M

    Borderlands 2 PS3 Level Boosting, Currency & Eridium Drops, Skins & Legendary Drops.

    Hey, Im willing to host free lobbies to anyone that needs anything dealing with borderlands 2 on PS3. What I can Give: Eridium Money Legendaries (Lvl50 & Lvl72 OP8) Class Mods (Lvl50 & Lvl72 OP8) Grenade Mods (Lvl50 & Lvl72 OP8) Relics (Lvl50 & Lvl72 OP8) Class Skins Vehicle Skins Lvl 50 & 72...
  6. Marek Plays

    Weapon Drops And Levels! Modded Lobbies! 24/7 [FREE]

    Hey PC Only! I do modded lobbies and I can do weapon drops! IT FREE! all you need to do is add me on steam! Put your steam in the comments and I will add you... make sure you have the right steam if you dont make sure its the right steam I might not even add you. I recommend putting your steam...
  7. Bannanavapes


    XBOX 360 BORDERLANDS 2 DROPS THIS LOBBY IS [CLOSED] ___________________________________________ Hey guys I'm dropping level 61 gear on borderlands 2 All DROPS are level 61 --------------------- (all) Butchers Wanderlust (Dlc) Slagga (all) conference calls (all) norfleets Double Unkempt...
  8. James Reborn

    .NET  James reborns Hybrid Creator v3

    James reborns Hybrid Creator v3.2 Updated 6/6/2018 My Program Simply made to make Hybrid Weapons, Easier, Faster and More Efficiently. This Program is a Helping Guide For Gibbed Save Editor. Virus Scan: Click Here Download Tool: Click Here Info about DLL: HERE If there are any missing...
  9. Frosxy


    1. search iiFrosxyHeart in friends tab. 2. Add me. 3. Look at my community's. 4. Join 'Borderlands 2 boosting & helping. Post on the community wall what you need and one of the mods or the owner will reply soon.
  10. shadowhinio

    Boosting Service- Instant 72, OP8 run, weapon-eridium-skins and head drops.

    Hello again :ninja: So since my last thred got deleted i lost all PSN ID's and track of everything. So im starting out fresh, i didnt know all the rules but now i do and this thred is going to stay :cool: You can add me on skype for better comunication - Borderlands short cut Remember that...
  11. T

    Hosting drop lobby's/ story help

    Hello I'm ILoveSpork123 I will be offering legendary and higher rarity weapons to any one who would like them. I will also be offering help with the main story line in normal mode or true vault hunter mode. If your stuck on any boss ask me ik help or if you just wanna defeat Terramorphous il be...
  12. D

    Solved  Looking for black items in borderlands 2. I need black guns, mods, shields to complete a set of gear

    I have been looking on these forums for a while. I recently modded my gpd files, and downloaded modded saves. If anyone needs help on how to mod, unlock everything, let me know. Since I have modded my character and have everything necessary to make the game fun for me, and other people I would...
  13. B

    Discussion  Borderlands 2 Co-op Partner(s) Thread

    For those who'd like to partner up with fellow Se7enSins members, post your GT/PSN ID in this thread and get to adding one another. You may want to at least send the person a message on Xbox LIVE/PSN, so they are aware of who you are. GT/PSN ID/Steam ID Region/Timezone Headset? Which...
  14. GooochSneakieDuck

    XB1 Insta lvl 72, 500 item loot drop, op8 boost

    Handsome Jack Collection (bl2) Only Good morning fellas, I'm changing the way we do things a little, I have posted below how to get in. all you gotta do is post ur GT followed by the service needed. Do not msg our gts please unless we msg you first. Thanks for your understanding <3 as always...
  15. LocalBody

    LocalBody's Free Boosting/WeaponDrops/OP8 /Heads and Skins Services

    please message first i offer powerleveling to 50/61/72/OP8, game help, weapon giving and Eridium drops much more, just message me and if you have a good experience please post here about it msg me say exactly like this "IM FROM S7 AND I WANT....." NOT DOING OP8 RUNS SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE...
  16. Twistedhawk

    Hawks boosting/72 gear drop lobby

    Open i am here to help you boost to 72 only and drop 72 only gear im sorry i do not do op 8 and i do not do xbox 360 lobbies that includes the borderlands 2 backwords compat for xbox one plz do not post if your looking for xbox 360 or xbox backwords compat borderlands 2 this thread is labeled...
  17. FgZe Rain

    Borderlands 2 instant 72 lobby

    CLOSED. Some people reported me and got me banned for 2 days I'm not risking it sorry
  18. Deathdomain

    Deathdomain's Free Boosting/Duping/OP8 /Heads and Skins Services

    GT: XGN Deathdomain Join Borderlands 2 Boosting Club for any assistance!!!! i offer powerleveling to 72/OP8, game help, item giving (not trading just giving you it if i can) and much more, just message me and if you have a good experience please post here about it Message with 72, OP8 or...
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