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  1. J

    Question  RGH 3 Troubles with boot up

    Hey guys, I have RGH 3 hacked 2 phat consoles now, first a jasper then a falcon. Im getting an issue on bootup. maybe 75% boots up fine and everything is good almost an instant boot. But maybe 25% of the time i press the power button and the console powers off 2 seconds later. just strange its a...
  2. J

    Question  My xbox 360 doesn't boot after update

    I have a BIG problem, I have a xbox 360 Corona 4g RGH 5.0 and I recently change the kernel version of my console for a 17411 or something like that, but the problem was that I installed via USB the wrong Avatar update. After finish the update my console doesn't turn on anymore but the green...
  3. KillerBombie

    Solved  Need help with rgh won’t boot

    So I dumped my NAND had no bad block I did everything right but I forgot to install timing files in my rgh as well as program the cool runner....I skipped the process not paying close attention due to being so tired but I connected all the proper pints as well as good solder points but what is...
  4. T

    Solved  Cant get rgh to boot after ace v3 install

    so i just recently installed a ace v3 chip on my trinity motherboard. I Was able to get through all steps including program the chip itself fairly easy. But I plugged my xbox into the TV to boot xell and when the console powered on, the ring of light just flashed really fast and i get no signal...
  5. Z

    RGH dickbutt boot animation.

    I make this to mess with a friend I am RGHing a console for. Figured I would share what I've got lol. Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/yvd24i70qyd2jho/new_db.wmv/file Virus Scan https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/8191f0f3c23fde3cca10faccd94f0e6dfdff5a9b7334b1bc535c0601560e8c32/detection
  6. Z

    Question  Jasper slower from cold boot?

    So, I have recently RGH'd a Jasper 512mb big block and I have come across an issue that I have never seen before lol. If I leave the system off for a while, it takes ages to boot (Sometimes 7-8 cycles). However, after a couple of boots, it insta-boot every time. It's weird. This has made this...
  7. Man1ak737

    Solved  Trinity doesnt boot

    My brothers trinity screen went dark and after that it doesnt boot .just a clicking sound.it had a matrix glitcher chip and when i try to boot the console no LEDs lights up on the chip so i thought that the chip broke.so Ive installed ACE v5 chip.still no luck and non of the LEDs lights up on...
  8. M

    Question  I think I finally need some help... PS3 JB GTA V Mods kind of works, crashes, always from prologue

    Hey everybody. Sorry to be the guy that signs up to make a post, but that's where I'm at. I always do what I can to try to figure things out on my own, but this time, I need a little help. I will first type the short and sweet, then a little bit more in depth. I have a cech2001A running 4.82...
  9. Csyzr

    Solved  Ace v3 Corona v4 no Xell Lost NAND

    Corona v4 4GB NAND with Post fix v2 adapter and SD Tool V2.2 - Alternate C5R11 'D' point due to lifted pad on R4P4 I lost my original NAND and Im trying to boot xell so I can get my CPU key and continue from there to rebuild my NAND. I've borrowed a public cpu key for corona and built a fake...
  10. L

    Solved  RGH 1.2 Jasper 256MB Won’t Boot

    I just RGHed my Jasper 256MB based off of JoinTheResistance’s tutorial (MrMario2011 did a vid on YouTube as well). I have verified that everything is soldered correctly. Rewrote ECC and reflashed the NAND. I’m using a Coolrunner REV C and programming it with a JRProgrammer. My coolrunner...
  11. P

    Solved  RGH1.2 won't boot after in-game blackscreen freeze

    I've installed an ACE chip with RGH1.2 method on an Falcon (Dash 17511) today. I successfully booted to the hacked Xbox dashboard several times within 15 seconds glitching time to make sure everything works fine. The green blinking pattern on the Ace was 2x short 1x long all the time when...
  12. P

    Solved  Xbox with smart xx lt opx won't boot

    I have an old xbox with smart xx lt opx. I believe my motherboard version is 1.0, since the production date is march 2002, and the serial number ends with 03. Reason for modchip install: broken harddisk. I have used the pinheader technique, with 2x6 pins and the one removed. I used the D0...
  13. J

    Solved  Rgh HELP WONT BOOT

    So my rgh was booting fine and then i wanted to change my mode menus for GTA V and u inserted elfc mod menus from NGxD website and now MY JTAG WONT BOOT it is not a FATAL CRASH INTERCEPTED it just boots for 4 seconds and shuts off i even tried bypass plugins using the eject button right after...
  14. R

    Solved  Please help, RGH Black screen

    I just went to update RGH and got done flashing the nand and putting it back onto my RGH. It rebooted (tried) after that and now it will not turn on. Just sits at black screen and the only light on is the bottom right light for the LED ring. Also Xell will not boot. No matter what I try I just...
  15. N


    I put a corrupted stealth server plugin in my xbox 360 and now when I boot it fatal crashes. I have tried pressing the eject button and using a usb with a blank launch.ini, but they did not work. Please help and thanks.
  16. O

    Solved  JTAG + RGLoader Won't Boot?

    Have a Xenon Freeboot JTAG with kernel version 17511. Needed to flash a dev nand. So I used RGLoader for kernel version 17150. It flashed successfully, booted into the XNA loader thing, I was able to go to the dashboard, play games etc. Then I restarted my console and now it won't boot. Won't...
  17. J

    Tutorial  Finding the right timing file/What do the different blinking patterns mean

    In this tutorial I am going to explain how you can fine tune an RGH install, that's using one of 15432's timing file packs. I am mostly going to focus on S-RGH V1 as those are the timing files with the most feedback. Though, the same principles explained here can be applied to any other RGH...
  18. RaReMoDzYT

    Solved  NiNJA is Not working for me

    I'm having a issue connecting to NINJA I get stuck on boot logo all the time but when I try any other server it works fine! Can anyone help me please?
  19. AllAroundModher

    Solved  RGH Boot Issue

    My rgh is having a problem booting; with plugins in. If i are to put xbdm in the console will stay on the boot logo; and just stay there forever; it will freeze and just stay frozen. If i put in a blank launch.ini the console will boot; but as soon as i put plugins back in the console will not...
  20. AllAroundModher

    Solved  is there a RGH Storage open Software?

    Heyo, i have a problem.. So i was having a problem with my RGH earlier; where it wouldnt boot. Donezo it was fixed Now; i really f'd up lol. I was having a problem with neighborhood. so my initial reaction was too take out XBDM and re-install it. So i take out XBDM.xex; thinking that...
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