1. M

    Anyone wanna go for that Nuke Calling Card?

    Post PSN below
  2. M

    Boosting Ps4

    Hey everyone. Ive wanted to get some camos and maybe rank up in bo3 multiplayer. I want gold camos for Zombies and The lobbies are so dead and if they arent dead theyre full of tryhards. If anyone is interested in boosting let me know. Comment your PSN.
  3. L


    Any free spots ? I have mic and 2 controllers 18+
  4. N

    Tutorial need 1more people for xp lobby

    do not leave after we tell you whern to leave my psn is NewHeart13
  5. V

    HC DOMINATION - Boosting PS4

    Add me on PS4: vgfcole Send me a message if you want to boost must have microphone In this lobby you can unlock Camos Levels weapon levels Challenges
  6. X

    Locked Lobby Boosting - CLOSED

    Status - CLOSED Locked HC Cyber attack Need 2 controllers mic listening skills what you can get in this lobby Camos Kills/Xp Gun Leveling All Challenges
  7. Y

    Looking at people for boosting lobby

    Go add seansides09 on psn
  8. S

    Grifball Sword Line experince boosting?

    Looking to get 7 more people to boost Grifball. On PC there's no one playing it, so should be easy to get the 30k+ exp a match really quickly
  9. L

    Unsolved Modern Warfare Private Game / Bot Lobby | How it works ?

    Hello Guys I want to ask you all how you can make / host a Bot Lobby in Private Game I am looking for a Bot Lobby Glitch (Private Game) Can someone explain the Glitch on DM / PM I dont make this Glitch Puplic It is only for me the Glitch
  10. B

    Wall breach Boosting ANYWHERE (EASY) (BOOSTING+Glitching)

    the glitch requires at least 3 people, we will be entering groundwar which is the only game mode for this glitch to be possible. There is currently me and a friend waiting for another player, your friends are welcome to join as long as the party meets the maximum groundwar party requirements to...
  11. S

    Halo Reach MCC Free for All Boost

    Needing 7 more people to boost post your gamer tags and I’ll invite you if enough people want to help. or 3 more people if we all have guest controllers.
  12. P

    Xbox boosting lobby

    Have 2 controllers. Message me. Xbox: powerfull KC
  13. J

    Cyber Attacking boosting - Lots of kills & score!

    Hi guys, I’m hosting a cyber attack boosting lobby. My lobbies get full quick so hurry if you want a space. Must have: - 2 controllers & a mic How it works: There are 2 parties of 6 who search at the same time on HC cyber attack. When matched, you have 1 round of killing each ( 2 rounds of...
  14. F

    10 Xbox Bot Lobby w/ MaFiA FLEW - Quick and Easy

    I have 10+ xboxs and more then enough controllers . Im currently #1 on multiple cods drop your gamertag below if interested .
  15. D

    HC Dom 50Kill Roations. Happening Now!

    50Kill rotation Xbox boosting lobby happening right now, need 2 more! Message Dual Saugs for an invite!
  16. P

    Modern Warefare Boosting (Lobby Open)

    We are in need of 5 players for a boosting lobby if you guys are available and interested In joining inbox me
  17. F


    Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen! Mr. VGX’s HC DOMINATION XP LOBBY is BACK!!!!!!!! (GUN RANK UP, CHALLENGES, CAMOS, etc.) Status: [OPEN] Player Space Slots: 1/6 Feel free to drop your name underneath (Xbox preferred only) Mr. VGX Lobby Rules: Patience is key Respect is paramount No Assault...
  18. H

    Cyber Attack Boosting

    Hosting a boosting lobby, 2 controllers mandatory and mic preferred. Post psn or Activision id below and I will add.:cigar:
  19. A

    Modern warfare boosting message CGTxYapper

    2 controllers Microphone
  20. C


    Send a friend request to Awhz (Xbox One) or post your GT here. Looking for experienced boosters, with two controller who can boost for a few hours. Current lobby status: OPEN
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