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    Halo MCC Boosting or Carries

    Anyone boosting or provide carries? I don't have a team and have run into an absurd amount of people with bullets coming out of their guns at a 45 degree angle. I would greatly appreciate some help finishing the 50 grind. I don't mind paying for your time. I just want this done.
  2. Z

    Myself and a friend are on PS4 and up for a boosting lobby today.

    If you need 2 people with alt accounts & controllers HMU, I'll give you my PSN/Activision
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    Tutorial  Boosting add me if you know how to set up lit#4061010

    Add me lit#4061010
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    3v3 camo lobbies

    3v3 camo add gamertag
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    Tutorial  Looking for people to start up a lobby with

    I dont have anyone yet but im looking for anyone thats down to start either a 3v3 or 6v6 boosting lobby drop your acti id or add mine @Squeekr#3460707
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    [Search] Cold War Boosting XP Lobby

    Hello guys :) im looking for a boosting xp lobby in Cold War :) feel free to add me :) xEqoShootz#4360804 greets :)
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    Tutorial  Cold war Multiplayer 3v3 faceoff boosting all month until we all get it !!!!

    I will be adding everyone who replies all week , just drop your activision id and ill keep updates in here and add everyone discord would be nice too so you can be in contact with everyone else. Mine is Pandur#9413655
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    (FREE)Cold War 3v3 Boosting Lobbies

    Friend and I are going to be hosting some 3v3 boosting lobbies. Please come prepared and having a basic understanding as to what is going on. Drop your Activision ID in the comments and I will add you. Plan on going a majority of the night so if you don't get added right away you will eventually.
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    need bosting lobby im tired of being lvl 20 only

    please inv me to boosting lobby im only lvl 20 help me out activision TheKingTchoupi#1561795
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    Boosting lobbies 3v3 or 6v6!

    Boosting camo's - xp - challenges (free) Drop activision name
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    Boosting party, KD Camos Challenges and more.

    Looking for a Boosting Party on Cold War i got a Ps4 with 2 accounts for use + my PC main account. Add. Lentävä#2041308 /EU Servers
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    Cold War Boosting (FREE)

    Reply with Activision ID to get added what you get: - camos - XP - weapon XP - challenges 3v3 or 6v6 lobbies
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    3v3 boosting messages for info need few people

    3v3 drop info below plz need people asap
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    My Activision -- Gin#9567447
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    Escape From Tarkov | PC | Task Boosting

    Hey people, trying to get a group of people to all search for a raid and hopefully most get in the same one to boost certain pvp tasks. Reply if interested
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    3v3 Boosting Lobby

    add my activsion VestalHawk#8999996 two controllers to make it easier playing all night
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    Looking BOOSTING lobby for fun

    Looking for a boost zombie lobby for leveling and having fun 1609710455 ID- Loli#2395557
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    Hosting boosting lobby all night 6 ps4s

    Send me a DM for an invite. Hosting since the beginning of cold war. 1609494163 Earn your DM Ultra with ease by boosting with the best
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    Tutorial  Cold War hardcore domination XP/CAMO Boosting PSN: HFirmss Activision ID: #9439065

    Add me on activision ID HFirmss#9439065
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    2 controllers needed. Doing full games. 1s go first, then 2s and then 3s.
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