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  1. W

    Tutorial  Boosting Help

    Can anyone help boost my camos and level? Would mean a lot. If it could be for free would really help because I'm having a hard time finding a job. My PSN is WolfGangMystic. My Activision name is Thedadthatgotmlk#5777737
  2. B

    can u boost my kd?

    dc Bratan__Romeo#7537
  3. Simmions

    ? Torb's Zombie XP Lobbies! Prestige XP. ? (Closed)

    Hi there, everyone! Hosting XP Lobby. Post your Activision ID for invites. I will not be inviting people, just wait for an add and join. You will be removed right after you join. With the popularity of the game and what I can do for them, be patient, please!
  4. J


    anyone need 1 i have 2 controllers if so add me on xbox JoKeRtHeToKeR88
  5. Z

    Anyone hosting a boosting lobby?

    Anyone currently hosting a boosting lobby? I just got the game and want to rank up and unlock some cammos (and later if possible boost a single nuke just for fun) I only have 1 controller but i have a Mic and i can follow instructions
  6. D

    Hc dom [rounds] looking for one

    Message dkingjr1306
  7. D

    Hc dom [rounds] looking for 4

    Message me:dkingjr1306
  8. Peripheral port

    Bo4 boosting lobby Xbox

    Need 6 I’m doing leaderboards so We r doing full games Gt is s7 gt
  9. A


    message Asphyxious42 Have a second controller and a mic
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