1. lilsmokey

    Discussion  Need 3 players for shangri La Main Easter Egg

    Need 3 other players on ps4 with mic to help with the Bo3 Shangri La Easter Egg My psn is: Lungz_702
  2. S

    Discussion  Need players for Shadows of Evil Easteregg Xbox

    I'm looking for players to help complete the Shadows of evil Easter egg on Xbox. Message me if interested. GT: SynSkittlez
  3. Z

    Discussion  Looking for people to do the SoE EE on PS4

    Hi, I’m trying to find people to do the SoE EE on BO3, because doing it solo doesn’t count as completed apparently…if you live in Europe (so we have a decent internet connection) and are on PS4, hit me up
  4. S

    Looking for a boost lobby or just to be boosted in Zombies

    Bought BO3 a while back for pc but never got the motivation to grind again to max rank like I did on XBOX One, so I'm looking for a boost of some sort. Not looking for paid services, so any help is appreciated .drop your username below
  5. ElHaveCito

    Tutorial  [Black ops 3] How to set up zm/mp camos, gubblegums, reticles and more Xbox 360 (NO JTAG/RGH)

    No need jtag or rgh, this are usb mods can be used offline or in lan with xkai for example, since we dont know how to mod online without rgh or jtag. First of all, this is discovered thanks to this guide, for those just dont want to modify files and investigate more around what we can change...
  6. D

    Unsolved  Force Host code for Bo3 mp lobbys

    Hey have anyone a force host code for me for bo3 mp lobbys pls in gsc. script
  7. Jugger_

    Working  How to GET the SATELLITE in YOUR MULTIPLAYER CLASSES on Black Ops 3!

    Hello everyone, Here's the full tutorial on how to do get the Satellite in your Multiplayer Classes on BO3! Steps : - First of all, go to your settings & delete your BO3 Save (It's only your Offline save, it will only reset your sensibility) - Then disconnect Internet & start BO3 - Now...
  8. Jugger_

    Working  How to PLAY with 18 PLAYERS in ANY GAME MODE on Black Ops 3! (BO3 Glitch 2020)

    Requirements: - 1 Friend Steps: - For Dead Ops Arcade 2, ask a friend to search a game in Dead Ops Arcade Public Match - Now go to your friends list, click on your friend's profile & press Join game then custom game - Once you've done it, ask a friend to join your lobby and when he's in your...
  9. Jugger_

    Working  How to GET UNLIMITED XP & UNLOCK ANY CHALLENGE in CUSTOM GAMES on Black Ops 3! (BO3 XP Lobby 2020)

    Requirements: - 1 Friend Steps: - First of all, ask your friend to search a game in public match in a game mode that most people don't play - Once your friend is in a lobby, go to your friends list, click on his profile & press "join game" then press custom game - It should put you in custom...
  10. iianwoodss

    Discussion  Looking for Bo3 bot lobbies for Xbox One

    Looking to find someone/some people to help me out with getting into/hosting/joining a bot lobby/ to finish a couple challenges as i dont really know how to do any of that. im on xbox, have two controllers but my mic recently broke but thats ok as i type fast both on the phone & xbox so thats no...
  11. FacelessOne123


    TUTORIAL + Go to the internet settings and set up your internet custom the only thing you going to change is the MTU from 1500 to 800 the you connect back online +go to the specialist button on Multiplayer , Arena, custom games + join your fiend that is in zombies you will join him but sill...
  12. Jugger_

    Discovery  BO3 XP Bot Method will be Released in a few days :)

    Hello everyone, So I found an XP Bot method on BO3 working on all platforms & I will be releasing it in a few days soo stay tuned :)
  13. Jugger_

    Working  How to GET the BOWIE KNIFE in Black Ops 3 MULTIPLAYER in 2020! (BO3 Glitch PS4/Xbox One)

    Requirements: - 1 Friend & 2 Controllers Steps: - First of all, join a friend in the zombies menu - Then go to weapon kit/secondaries/RK5/Paintjob & press "create new" - Once you've done that, ask your friend to go in Multiplayer with you - Once you're in Multiplayer, press back a few times &...
  14. Jugger_

    Working  How to GET UNLIMITED DEATH MACHINE on ALL MAPS in Black Ops 3 Zombies!

    Hello everyone, Here's the full tutorial on how to get Unlimited Death Machine on All Maps/Unlimited Skull/DG-4s/Gauntlet/Unlimited Beast Mode/Indestructible Shield in BO3! Requirements: - 2 Controllers - First of all, go to your settings and turn off your internet - Then, start Black Ops 3 -...
  15. M

    Boosting Ps4

    Hey everyone. Ive wanted to get some camos and maybe rank up in bo3 multiplayer. I want gold camos for Zombies and The lobbies are so dead and if they arent dead theyre full of tryhards. If anyone is interested in boosting let me know. Comment your PSN.
  16. L

    Bo3 bot lobby 2019?

    Hello, I was just watching someone play, and it seems like he was in a bot lobby (ps4) Or some sort of lag switch causing all players too freeze. If anyone one knows how, please let me know it would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  17. V

    Unsolved  Mod Menus for BO1, BO3, MW3, AW, COD4

    Hello, I've been searching all over youtube for some good free mod menu's as of at the point I cant afford to buy better menu's. But is there anyone in here that can send me some good menu's for the games mentioned above? All i'm looking for in the menu is: * Level, prestige, unlock * Good...
  18. R

    Unsolved  Is there any way to duplicate limited extra camos onto my account?

    I've seen some websites that say they can add these camos to your account so there must be some way to do it. I am familiar with the account duplication glitch but it doesn't transfer over camos like cherry fizz, bloody valentine, into the void etc. My friend has these camos and more and is...
  19. B

    Bo3 Boosting

    Boosting if we get 4-8 players we will do rotation ffa (free for all) so we all get Nuked Outs and get camos if we get 8+ players we will do a Team death match 75 kill rotation to get a gun gold nearly Timing GTM Mon-Fri - 10am - 1pm (times may varie) Gold Gun - 10-30 Mins Diamond - 1-2...
  20. Jack Maloney

    All IW BO3 WWII  TeaM RaM recruitment

    if your interested in joining TeaM RaM please fill out the application below. We are a ps4/ Xbox One clan that mostly play bo3, ww2, and bo4. -are you over 18? (we are a 18 plus clan) -how active are you? (i.e 4-5 days/week) -will you be active/dedicated towards the clan (i.e will you talk with...
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