bo3 account duplication glitch

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    Working I need help, i'll dupe you 2 accounts if you help me (srry for the prefix i couldn't leave it blank)

    I need an account that is lvl 1000 in zombies and mp, dark matter and all that stuff, idc if it has modded classes or not i only want the levels and camos, i will dupe 2 accounts for you with the one that you give me, dont give me your principal account, give me a dupe so we have no problems...
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    Unsolved Is there any way to duplicate limited extra camos onto my account?

    I've seen some websites that say they can add these camos to your account so there must be some way to do it. I am familiar with the account duplication glitch but it doesn't transfer over camos like cherry fizz, bloody valentine, into the void etc. My friend has these camos and more and is...
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    Working BO3 2018 *TRUE* SOLO Unlimited Cryptokeys Glitch! PS4 ONLY (Unlimited Daily/Weekly Contracts)

    Since the release & showcase of the Black ops 3 duplication glitch using the Charles proxy program, I might as well show how to get unlimited cryptokeys using the duplication glitch. If you DONT have the Charles Proxy Program set up/connected to your PS4 or if you simply don’t know how to...
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