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  1. L

    Question  RGH support plz

    Hello s7 When I load mw2 on my rgh it loads up fine but when I go on multiplayer sometimes my profile doesn’t load and I can’t find a game online it says 0 players online. Mw3 keeps auto updating when I open it and black ops 2 fatal crashes :/ well... does anymore know how to fix these issues...
  2. I

    Question  Black Ops 2 on Jailbroken PS3 crash issue v1.19

    Okay, so I downloaded Black Ops 2 online for my PS3 a few months ago and everything was working just fine up until recently, where if I load the game using webMAN MOD, the game would crash half-way through the intro. I've tried replacing the EBOOT.BIN and removing any previous mods, but to no...
  3. D

    Question  out of bounds in theater mode ?

    hey everyone, I'm looking for some one to help me out with something : can someone create a sprx which would delete the bounds in the theater mode, then the camera would be able to go everywhere. Also I look for some one to create a little gsc menu which spawns fxs and models (included in the...
  4. S

    Mod Menu  Sugden Mod Menu (Rewritten)

    This is a "new" menu i'm going to be working on, its really just a rewrite of the old version of this menu, as my pc kinda just died, lost all my recent backups and the code on the last backups was unreadable, I don't really know what to say so ill just post the DL and a couple images
  5. Arilis

    Agent-X RTM Tool

    Agent-X is a RTM tool I created. Its aight but could use some work. DL: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9nwp05517t5gj89/Agent-X+V1.zip VT: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/1b0fdc328d47822e8501d7c45e6e2d381d18fee79bb2cacb9350d6e30f75078c/detection 12/67 because obfuscation (I need someone to do...
  6. A

    AnonymousRevert's RGH Zombieland

    Msg or join session if possible Gt: AnonymousRevert Post Legit and invite your friends too and have Fun. Hope Everyone has fun if you join in on this zombieland madness :smile:
  7. X

    Patched  How to get any calling card (including ghost and aw!)

    So i was just chilling looking up videos on how to get the ghost camo, when i ended up finding something out myself. There is a clip that says "unlock all infection" by "c isnt sharp" or "XBOX360LSBEST". When you get this clip you will have everything unlocked including all calling cards so if...
  8. Teaboiii

    Modded lobbies on bo2

    Send a message to get an inv Gt littlemrtea Proof:
  9. G

    Solved  "Solved" "please add to archive" Jtag / rgh how to search for online games

    Hi i am modding online my Xbox live has expired as of now. For games like bo1 bo2 mw3 ect I can no longer find matches. I am able to go online but I can not find any games. SO is there something I can do to make it possible to play online public matches. They only way I can is if I buy gold. I...
  10. ItsSilentShots

    Discussion  Modded menus for jtag.

    Hello im purchasing a jtag from sharkycustoms and they have a list of menus to pick from and these are the 5 I want but I don't know much about them or even if they are up to date. Would anyone people take their times and tell me the best one out of each game is or even there isn't one that's on...
  11. jamesgarretttt

    Question  Black Ops 2 Zombies Mod Menu Not Loading

    Hello all, i am having an error getting ANY zombies menu to load. so to put a little context to it, ive been modding for a while so im not new to the game, i just know im overlooking something. i stopped modding for a while so i forgot the details. So, i can not get my zombies menu to pull up...
  12. D

    Question  Black Ops 2 not loading correctly... +BO2 Public Multiplayer matches not working...

    These problems are both for Xbox. So, what happens is: I will go into XeX menu... Works fine. I will go into 'Black Ops 2' Works fine. I am by default set to load to main menu and click the gamemode I want. This always happens: I click Multiplayer and it says all the errors and stuff This is...
  13. G

    Question  Please Help!!! :(

    I have been trying to get a bo2 recovery tool, and i have downloaded at least 4 or 5 tools. And every time i get an error when i try to connect my tool to my xbox. I have xbox 360 neighborhood as default and these are my plugins. Plugin1 Hdd:\xbdm.xex Plugin2 server Plugin3 Hdd:\RPC.xex Plugin4...
  14. asbanas

    Question  When i download and put in tu18 manually after running the game once i get all the dlc's

    when i started the game i cant go further than the "download nuketown" so i download it but it doesnt happen anything no matter how many times i re install it so i go to my computer and put in the teseract and raw files aswell as the tu18 files but then i when i go to bo2 i cant get any matches...
  15. Hijinks

    Question  Can't find a game

    So I've just come back to my RGH after a year and a half of it just sitting in the cupboard and I've been slowly getting used to things. The problem I am having is that I can't find a game on BO2, using force host and without it. I'm using teapot emulated and have tcm v10 installed. I've tried...
  16. G

    BO2 Free XP Lobby || Game Modes || Donations accept

    Hosting XP Lobby Current Status: ONLINE! How to join : ~ Invite me to private chat ~ Add me as a friend ~ Join Session GT to invite/add : GratedModz1 Rules : ~ Don't spam message ~ Don't scream in chat ~ Have fun ~ Please post "Legit" once finished! Instructions : ~ Join the Game, and...
  17. Baxuvis

    Question  How are theater Menu infections made?

    Hello! I was wondering who knows how to inject GSC menus into edited theater mode clips on BO2. They've recently been popping up all over and there are no forums covering the methods used on editing these films. Does anyone have information on how this is done? I've been coding in c++ for a...
  18. P

    Solved  Banned From Xbox Live for BO2 Mods?

    If I'm using BO2 mods in multiplayer and I get reported and caught, would I be banned from just BO2 or Xbox Live? Thanks.
  19. seth freeman

    Solved  help with bo2 zombies

    Okay, so don't judge me now but a long time ago i was stupid enough that i didn't know how to inject a bo2 zombies menu into ur game. now it just ruined the clientids_ and everytime i try to play a zombies match i get ****68 script error(s): IDK what to do and though deleting the clientids_...
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