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  1. FloMods

    FloMods BO2 XP Lobbies!

    FloMods Here and since I am new to the Se7ensins Modding Community I will be hosting Black Ops 2 XP Lobbies! PLEASE POST LEGIT ONCE IN LOBBY! Thanks :smile: <3
  2. M

    Solved  I'm a complete noob

    So I'm a complete noob and have no idea really what I'm doing but I want to try to run a mod menu on bo2 so I need help modding my 360 and whatever else is necessary like I said I'm clueless any help is much appreciated
  3. C


    Im boosting to lvl 55 i am lvl 19 and note im not getting boosted on
  4. A

    Solved  BO2 EBOOT Request

    Hi Se7ensins I have been looking for a speciel EBOOT for BO2 1.19 multiplayer. It's important for me that there is no mods in the EBOOT. I'm on CEX. I'd like the EBOOT to include: - Anti-ban - Ghost camo - Advanced Warfare camo - Probation bypass If it's only to put 1 camo in the EBOOT I...
  5. A

    BO2 Boosting Now

    Requirements: - Second Controller - Mic If you don't have those requirements, don't ask :) Post your GT below and ask to join. I will be online.
  6. Z

    Black Ops 2 415608C3.gpd decompiled

    hello fellow modders. here is a decompiled BO2 gpd file. some parts are in pdf format but you can change the extension if it wont load. im posting it so someone can further look/devolope/understand it, and hopefully make a editor for it. virus scan -...
  7. MrObzi


    Help me buy kvs! happy: Donate to: [email protected] IF MY FRIENDS LIST IS FULL PRIVATE CHAT ME STOP ASKING FOR INVITES STATUS: CLOSED Gamertag: proof = SUPERMAN LOBBY
  8. Tacoking124

    Bo2 Boost & Bot lobby

    Add me tacoking124 Xbox 360. I need 4 bloodthirsties for my kap 40 8 for my executioner and 10 for tac 45 if u let me get those I will let u get whatever u want and host bot lobbies
  9. Gonzo

    Gonzo's Private GSC Lobby Quarantine Hosting! Infections DOWN! RGLoader 17559! #1 HOST IS OPEN

    If You'd Like To Donate I'll Be Taking Amazon Gift Codes! :x3: Just Send Them In a PM! Thanks In Advance! <3 ***Breaking Any Rules May Get You KICKED/BANNED From My Lobbies SO READ THEM!!!*** *****Please take 2 seconds out of your time to cast your vote!:wacky:*****
  10. CraYx

    Cray's Zombieland Lobby!

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zombieland Floor is Lava Border Patrol ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...Open......Down......<>Closed<>... Special thanks to Trevor and Ryan <3...
  11. Lucky

    NfX | XP Lobby | Easy Ranks! | Closed | 17489

    -Thread is best viewed in Se7ensins 7.4 (fluid), not the dark version! -Donations = Love(And more free lobby!) -Thank you guys for being a really generous community and helping me afford the KV's I host with. Hopefully money doesnt become to big of a problem! *lessthan3 you all* -In the XP...
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