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  1. M

    Discussion  Bo2 Ghost camo

    I've been wondering how do i get the ghost camo in 2024, does someone have to do it for me or no?
  2. T

    Question  Infections Help

    I'm not going to use mod menus, but is there an infection that gives you op classes, legit classes because I don't know how to make good classes like I used to.
  3. bigshmoney Rick

    [Xbox] MW3/BO1/BO2 Remote Unlock All | Choose Your Stats | Fix Frozen Classes | Modded Classes

    SOSA'S MULTI-COD CLASS FIX AND UNLOCK ALL \\ LEAVE A VOUCH <3 ✅ MW3, BO1 & BO2 Supported ✅ 100% Remote Last updated 2/23/24: If you are suffering from frozen classes or just want unlock all, drop your Gamertag below and I will take care of it! Works with Xbox One/Xbox Series X+S! What you...
  4. Dehz

    PS3 | FREE | Multi-COD | Unlock All | Mod Menu |Frozen Class Fix | Infections | Mod Menu | Fun Lobbies! | OPEN

    HELLO EVERYONE! AND WELCOME TO DEHZ'S MULTICOD MODDING SERVICES Click Spoiler to Add RED = Offline :arghh: Green = Online :wink: I will be hosting mods for free on the following games, just add me. PROOF BELOW:
  5. E

    Question  Bo2 create a class/joining game freezes

    Can anyone help me fix my bo2 account? When I click create a class or load into an online game my game completely freezes/crashes. I am assuming it crashes when loading into a game because of my classes so it really just comes down to that. Just tryna relive my childhood plz help <3
  6. P

    Question  Rgh Help I can join friends on bo2 but that can join me I can’t host what is my issue

    I’ve read a ton of forums can’t figure out my issue I’ve tried different menus when force hosting I do have gold and im using x b online what could my issue be? Thanks
  7. G

    [Closed] Modded Lobbies on all Xbox 360 COD games

    I am able to Host all call of duty games on the Xbox 360. I prefer everyone to send me a private chat invite, and join through those means. (Select my profile and join through Private Chat) Send a Friend Request and Message me when you want to get into a lobby on Xbox 360. As well as post...
  8. Visual Matrix

    Question  Unusable GSC Files

    I have downloaded a lot of gsc mods on my computer, many of which are modded gamemodes for multiplayer. I don't know why, but around half of the mods are single gsc files with no "main" file for GSC Studio to use. Renaming said files to "main.gsc" allows me to open them with GSC Studio, but it...
  9. Headshot v1

    | HEADSHOT | Free Modded Lobbies | JOIN NOW |

    HEADSHOT | FREE LOBBIES | All Client Menu | Suggest mod menus and game modes in replies! Please remember not to spam or ask for recoveries. This is only fun lobbies. If you are looking to purchase recoveries or software check out my Sticky Thread
  10. Madisyn Bree

    Question  FROZEN CLASSES. Please help me?

    It makes 4 years that my account was set back to 1 and everytime i click on “create a class” the game freezes. If someone could help me id appreciate it so much!
  11. queezy

    Discussion  Has anyone got a bo2 zombies mod menu?

    I have an Xbox 360 RGH and I would like to use a .xex zombies mod menu, I don’t see a point in me setting up a .gsc menu when .xex is like 100x easier to setup. So if anyone has a .xex bo2 zombies menu please send links.
  12. P

    Question  Looking for help with resetting my Black Ops 2 account (frozen classes/game freeze)

    Hi, First time posting. My BO2 account was recently hacked. I was demoted to level 4 (from 55) and lost all prestige. The game freezes in multiplayer as soon as a map loads and also when I click on Custom Class in pre-lobby. Zombies works. I need help resetting my account (to level 1 is...
  13. S

    Question  Need help with clientids.gsc

    Hello Does anyone have a clean clientids.gsc for me ? Everytime I start a Game i get kicked out instantly and it gives me a error I heard I need premium to get clean files in the forum But how do I get premium and how do I get the files then ?
  14. L

    Question  Rgh BO2 multiplayer disconnects me from xbox live

    Trinity rgh2 running bo2 with jiggy 4.5 and using ninja for stealth. Had been working fine but randomly started ****ing up. I force host and the game starts but after half the game everyone times out and the game ends. Then it kicks me to the MP menu and says it cannot connect to online...
  15. W

    Mod Menu  [BO2] Wees X Modz Beta v1

    Dear all Modder's. Im in the making of a gsc mod menu for call of duty black ops 2. And i was wondering if anyone will be happy to become a beta tester for the mod menu.
  16. G

    Solved  How to kick player using Teapot Offhost BO2?

    I’m new to RGH and off host. The whole reason I got it was to be able to kick players who aimbot and otherwise cheat without being the host myself. I can get into the Teapot engine v3, but I don’t see an option to kick. I can end the game or crash the server. Anyone know what I need to do...
  17. T

    Question  Rgh - Games not booting help!

    Hey guys so I just got a rgh the other day at it came with mw2+3 ghost aw and bo2. The only game that works is bo2. Whenever I play ghost or aw the console just restarts. And when I play mw2 or 3 the game constantly updates. Any ideas of what’s going on or how to fix this
  18. D

    Discussion  need help with bo2 account

    Someone messaged me saying, someone made them a bo2 modded account, but they said they freeze when they get onto bo2 with the account they asked me to fix it, i dont know how to. How can i fix there account the person is on OFW 4.87, i am on Rebug 4.82 Dex
  19. googlebing

    Google Bing's Free old school Call of duty Services

    Hello Sinner's So I present you Google Bing Call Of Duty Service's. I know the the old cod games are dying, i believe that people still look for Modded Lobbies, and still play them. So with that being said this is what i offer.. Also anyone that owns a rgh and wants to play old Mw2 tu6 menus...
  20. R


    So i followed ImOx's GSC tutorial to the bone and it still doesnt work. I have an original DVD copy and it works when I do not have The Tesseract installed. I triple checked the TU18 files also. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Xbox 360 IS rgh'ed and I use a usb to transfer files due to...
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