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    Google Bing's Free old school Call of duty Services

    Hello Sinner's So I present you Google Bing Call Of Duty Service's. I know the the old cod games are dying, i believe that people still look for Modded Lobbies, ad still play them. So with that being said this is what i offer.. Also anyone that owns a rgh and wants to play old Mw2 tu6 menus...
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    So i followed ImOx's GSC tutorial to the bone and it still doesnt work. I have an original DVD copy and it works when I do not have The Tesseract installed. I triple checked the TU18 files also. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Xbox 360 IS rgh'ed and I use a usb to transfer files due to...
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    Unsolved Are the Xbox 360 servers down for Black Ops 2?

    I got told the servers on bo2 for 360\rgh are down can anyone confirm this or no? Because BO2 is the best cod in my opinion
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    Tutorial Bo2 modded lobby. Unlock all max prestige

    GT - I6uk
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    BO2 Boosting/XP Lobby

    add my gt and ask for a invite o T7DS Envy o
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    Unsolved Unable to load into games (RGH issues)

    Error 199 script error solve function “all perks” in maps/mp/_imcsx_gsc_studios.gsc this is the error code I am getting also I cannot play zombies either
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    Unsolved Visual design tool to test/create mod menu?

    Hi guys, So I'm in the process of making a mod menu for BO2 and testing out colours of the menu background, borders, scroller etc is very time consuming as I have to keep switching between pc and 360. Is there a tool where I can input the colours in rgb for each menu item and text to see...
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    Unsolved Were do I put my tu updates?

    I have bo2 and it’s on the first version but in want to go tu18 I have the file but I don’t know were to put it I have freestyle 3 if anyone can help pls do so edit: I do got Xbox neighborhood
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    Unsolved Can’t find my game

    Help I can’t find my games in xex menu and freestyle file explorer I trying find my bo2 files
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    Unsolved Call of duty : BO 2 zombies

    hello every one , thats my first post here so i have a network game center we play here via system link its only inside the game center not onile so the problem is > when i link more than 2 consoles into bo 2 zombies it get me out of the game and says fatal crash data and sometimes just the...
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    Unsolved Bo2 gscr help (Multiplayer)

    I'm trying to use a gscr menu (Batman V15) and I always get a connection interrupted when there are a few players, pretty much forcing me to shut off my console. I used the infection on Xbox one and it is completely fine. Any GSC menu like jiggy works perfectly. Any ideas?
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    Unsolved GSC Mod Menu Help (BO2)

    I'm new to coding and creating my first GSC menu. What I would like to ask is...does anyone know how to make your Menu Title spin? Like the text/number scramble effect? I've seen codes for spintext etc..but this is for displaying messages in-game? Thanks for any help.
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    Unsolved Am i gonna get banned?

    In 2016 i went into a lot of modded lobbies and got calling cards and camos stuff like that on black ops 2.I got banned. Now in 2019 I wanna go back on the game and play some private match. Will i get banned? I don’t wanna get banned.
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    [PS3] BO2 Modded Lobbies

    Hello, I am FenexFox i am getting back into modding. I stopped modding due to getting banned and not wanting to spend money but recently i found a way to bypass cid bans so i'm able to get online again. (This is irrelevant please do not ask me how, just stating i am back online.) and i'm...
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    Solved Cannot move extracted ISO (.xex) to HDD??

    Hi, I recently got an rgh, and im attempting to move Black Ops 2 to my HDD from my usb, but i can't seem to move the folder. Using XeXMenu i can open the default.xex and default_mp.xex with no issues, but for some reason, i cant copy and paste it anywhere into my HDD. It acts as though it will...
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    ☄Swerve's Modded Zombies & Multiplayer EXP Lobbies! [CLOSED!]☄

    Vouches: This is a FREE service, so please no ridiculous demands. Any hate or trash talk will get you a shiny little perma-ban from my lobbies. It's all about love. <3 You do not need to have a mic so that I can confirm if you are from Se7enSins. I'll check usernames. If you have a mic, no...
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    Unsolved RGH Bo2 Black Screen AFTER Attempts

    Hello, I am really struggling right now and hoping someone may be able to give me some advice. I downloaded a good file of Bo2 to start which included all the DLC's I then followed ImOx's tutorial to the dot with all his files he had linked and what happens is that I go to start the game using...
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    Unsolved error when doing any recovery options in recovery tools

    PLEASE HELP RESPOND ASAP HELP HELP so when i use bo2 **** tool or an other tool for recovery options i get a error saying exception from HRESULT : 0x82DA0004 my plugins are XBDM.xex LiveEmulation Stealth server XRPC.xex JRPC2.xex i have also tried rpc.xex See the end of this message for...
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    Unsolved Bo2 Zombie sound file help

    Hi! I'm trying to add some songs into my menu in Bo2 zombie. I went throw the game files and i found something called "lovesong_for_a_deadman" which is the intro song the play at the loading screen I try to code something like this to make it play in game: self...
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    *OPEN* Add/Message me on xbox to get invited. Gamertags: Vertizins + RJ RAPS XP Lobbies to get full level on whatever call of duty you play. Infections to your account (Unlock all + all camos etc.) Superman / SS BILLCAM lobbies | Trickshot lobbies | Azza (Fake clips with matchbonus) Fun...
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