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  1. S

    Unsolved  BO2 zombies ****7 script error(s): solve function „closemenus“ in maps/mp/_imcsx_gsc_studios.gsc

    Hello , so basically I really tried everything I could to solve this problem but now I don’t know what to do … Everytime i go in zombies and try to play a game (solo , local , Systemlink , online ) it kicks me out and it gives me that error I tried really everything and I don’t know what to do...
  2. WZRDLink

    Solved  Black screen when loading Zombies

    Hi all, I recently got myself an RGH after years of wanting one and so far I've been able to get mod menus working on every cod except for BO2 Zombies. I managed to get multiplayer working just fine with a mod menu but every time I try to load zombies im stuck with a black screen. Obviously i'm...
  3. T

    Discussion  Game Crashes When Trying To Buy Bowie Knife or Galvaknuckles

    Whenever I walk up to the Bowie knife or Galvaknuckles wall buy regardless of the map, the game will freeze and boot to the zombies menu saying there's an error with either the "Parent script" or "Child Script". The maps are fully playable otherwise, as it seem to only have issues with the two...
  4. C

    Let's Play Zombies!?

    Hello, are you craving some classic BO2 zombies? I am looking for players who still have a drive and passion to play zombies.. I love doing side Easter Eggs and Perma Perks, and have all map packs! If your interested in playing I'm usually on around 10:30 EST, & my gamertag is "CKiiLLA", message me!
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