bo2 zombies mod menu

  1. T

    Discussion  Game Crashes When Trying To Buy Bowie Knife or Galvaknuckles

    Whenever I walk up to the Bowie knife or Galvaknuckles wall buy regardless of the map, the game will freeze and boot to the zombies menu saying there's an error with either the "Parent script" or "Child Script". The maps are fully playable otherwise, as it seem to only have issues with the two...
  2. T

    Unsolved  Black ops 2 Zombies Mod Menu error

    I am trying to inhect a file onto my jtag called Zombiefied V1.2 and for some reason all i get is. Error: G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (1590): 'weapon/tracer/fx_tracer_flak_single_noExp' But it is in the folder i wonder. Have put it in the wrong folder? Can't the old one was in the same...
  3. Shane89

    Unsolved  Got banned in 15 minutes

    Hey everyone. First post here. However, I have been modding for a while now and some times I get banned in 1 month from Microsoft, other times it's longer. Moreover, I was using ninja stealth and took off my jiggy menu to place the IronWolf menu to mod some zombies and have some fun. I joined...
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