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    Patched  How to get any calling card (including ghost and aw!)

    So i was just chilling looking up videos on how to get the ghost camo, when i ended up finding something out myself. There is a clip that says "unlock all infection" by "c isnt sharp" or "XBOX360LSBEST". When you get this clip you will have everything unlocked including all calling cards so if...
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    Solved  Mic Only Mod Black Ops 2.

    Am I the only one who think it would be a good idea for somebody to create a mic only mod for this game so even if you're not modding you can find people with mics. I'm not sure if this is even possible but if it is then it would be cool. Anyone agree?
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    Unsolved  Need help with mod menu

    I have the Jiggy mod menu on bo2 and I can only play it against bots. Can anybody help me on how to play against real players with it.
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    Solved  COD4 BO2 Mod Questions

    Hello, I and my friends play COD 4 with BO2 Mod every few days offline. We love this mod but there are some problems and I want to change configs to make it easier to play for us. So I have a few questions. We are now playing BO2 Mod V4. 1. 90% of COD4 standart Maps aren't working - Why is BO2...
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    Obey's ✔️ BO2 Fun Lobbies ✔️ Modded Gamemodes ✔️ All Night✔️ Join NOW!

    Welcome to Obey's Modded Lobbies A List of Game modes I'll be hosting tonight: *RULES!!* OFFLINE Proof:
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    XP/CAMO LOBBY - STATUS CLOSED:( MY Gamertag: GameSet50390385 RULES: 1. No spammimg 2.No playing music How to get in: 1. Send my gamertag a private chat 2. Click on my profile and join session, if full wait a short while. 3. Wait till you get kicked then prestige and then join back. IF YOU...
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    Hello, Se7ensins. BO2 Modded lobby. I will be hosting the following - Zombieland, Prop hunt, Co-Host, Modded Sniper Lobbies, XP Lobbies, Hunger Games + many more! ================================================== All of this is free. I hope you all enjoy this! Current Status: Online Gamertag...
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    PornHub V1 Preview

    This Is A Preview Of My First Menu I Would Like If You Could Show Support (Just Waiting On A Tester So I Can Release)
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    BO2 Xp/Camo Lobby

    Free BO2 Xp/camo Lobby To get in Invite me to a private chat and join session Gt: Wolf On Perks Once you're ranked up a few times it will automatically kick you just join back. For all camos just join back when you're level 55. Once you're in feel free to post legit ( Not Required ) Proof video:
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    Unsolved  BO2 Perma Ghost Camo Tool

    Hey was wondering if anyone know of any Ghost Camo tools that stick. Someone posted one on here but it doesn't stick. If anyone could help me out be really appreciated.
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    Black Ops 2 Modded Gamemodes

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    How to use zombie land

    Alot of people have an issue with zombie land where it crashes right when the game stars. I had this issue my self. If you are running a modded version of the game (defult_mp.xex) it will load the mod menus associated with your modded bo2. If it runs any mod menus anything you inject using GSC...
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    Can someone link me to a bo2 account spoofer and tell me their plugins list (including Bo2spoof.xex)
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    Unsolved  How can i change menu messages on a bo2 mod menu?

    Im not trying to change the title or anything, im trying to change what the custom messages say. Im using tcm v.11 and i tried what the readme file said but it doesnt work. Can anyone help?
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    Unsolved  Just Curious

    Just curious is there any Azza menu's with a bot renamer in the menu? if so can someone link me please, that'd be great :) Thanks!
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    Unsolved  bo2 mods ps3 HELP!!!

    Hi guys again I am at the home stretch just need one more thing when I put my zombies eboot in and load up bo2 it don't wanna load my gsc menu but once I change it back to multiplayer everything works fine because it has the red fps at the top but not on zombies eboot? PLZ help
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    Unsolved  Ps3 bo2 Wont load up/Must be eboot (READ) below

    Hello, my bo2 was working great yesterday then bam out of no where it's not working Now what i did is this, I changed my bo2 eboot to a zombies eboot and well now bo2 is f****d It wont even start up without freezing, now I though this was a simple fix but, Problem can't find the eboot i had...
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    Solved  Need BETA Tester For Skittles v3.1

    Hello guys, i am needing a beta tester to test out my Skittles v3.1 Mod Menu for BO2. Thanks
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    Solved  a nooby question...

    I have a a nooby question... i dont mod bo2 still now.. I want to give shotgun rank to a friend, which tool i must use and how? any tutorial link of any info about was appreciate thank you :smile:
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    Solved  Making a Patch/Mod menu (BO2) need someone with RGH / JTAG to test

    Making a Patch/Mod menu (BO2) need someone with RGH / JTAG to test message me, i will add you on skype or leave skype below
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