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  1. Hybrid_Mods

    Unsolved  Need Giant List of GSC Scripts! (Basic-Advanced Functions)

    Yo guys, so I am currently in the process of making my own BO2 GSC menu. I would like a decent sized menu with a little bit of everything including stuff in TCM v11, Jiggy, Predator v6.51, etc. I so far have in the "Main Mods" Section: 1. Godmods 2. Infinite Ammo 3. Invisibility 4. x3 Speed 5...
  2. O

    Solved  Need BETA Tester For Skittles v3.1

    Hello guys, i am needing a beta tester to test out my Skittles v3.1 Mod Menu for BO2. Thanks
  3. OvaKill

    Solved  Looking to team up with somebody to code a GSC menu w/ me

    Who here is good with BO2 GSC coding looking to team up with somebody to build a beast BO2 Mod Menu
  4. ImOx

    [Release] The Tesseract V2.0 Not Finding Players Fixed [Jtag/RGH]

    So, people who go online have been complaining about not finding players with The Tesseract V2.0, so it's because of the DLC Spoofing (or what ever you want to call it). So myself, I don't really go online much, so I wasn't aware of this. I'm surprised how no one else had removed it since The...
  5. Sombra

    Mod Menu  Recovery Tools + Mod Menus [TU18]

    Thread includes TU18 Recovery Tools, Modding Tools, Iron Wolfv2, .gsc Mod Menus. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] If you have any questions feel free to pm me. :thumbsup:
  6. ImOx

    Mod Menu  How to Install BO2 GSC Mod Menus [Installing The Tesseract] [STEP-BY-STEP] [Jtag/RGH]

    OK, so since a lot of people have been asking how to install GSC in the Support Section and also in threads, I decided to make this thread. And also I think no one has made a tutorial for this (at least not one like this) So let's get started. If you have Se7enSins Premium, and are having...
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