1. googlebing

    Google Bing's Free old school Call of duty Services

    Hello Sinner's So I present you Google Bing Call Of Duty Service's. I know the the old cod games are dying, i believe that people still look for Modded Lobbies, and still play them. So with that being said this is what i offer.. Also anyone that owns a rgh and wants to play old Mw2 tu6 menus...
  2. LAlN

    Tutorial  How To Do Remote Recoveries BO1 / MW3 2019

    It has been brought to our attention that people are selling remote recovery tools on BO1 and MW3. XBOX360LSBEST gave me the ok to release this so here ya go. We don't like it being sold because people are literally selling just an XUID Spoofer and ripping people off. How To Do This: 1. Sign...
  3. V

    Unsolved  Mod Menus for BO1, BO3, MW3, AW, COD4

    Hello, I've been searching all over youtube for some good free mod menu's as of at the point I cant afford to buy better menu's. But is there anyone in here that can send me some good menu's for the games mentioned above? All i'm looking for in the menu is: * Level, prestige, unlock * Good...
  4. S

    Unsolved  Ps3 bo1 undercover mod menu trouble

    Have undercover mod menu on my ps3. It freezes when I press create a class. In any match type. Also won't allow me to play against bots. I finally try get into a match online it goes to any game or makes it's own match with no one on the team's, then starts. When I finally get into a match with...
  5. L

    Unsolved  Can’t load bo1 zombie mods

    Does anyone know how to load bo1 zombie mods? I’ve watched many videos and did exactly what they said and I still can’t load any sort of menu. I set the plugin and out the files where there supposed to go and nothing :/ Help!?
  6. AustinT_T


    If you want to boost message this GamerTag: HeyItzAustin420 We are doing 40 kill rotations between the 2 teams so no one gets screwed over. Any kill based score streaks are banned and if used when we are in game you are getting kicked. Have fun and get your Camos!
  7. G

    Solved  "Solved" "please add to archive" Jtag / rgh how to search for online games

    Hi i am modding online my Xbox live has expired as of now. For games like bo1 bo2 mw3 ect I can no longer find matches. I am able to go online but I can not find any games. SO is there something I can do to make it possible to play online public matches. They only way I can is if I buy gold. I...
  8. ItsSilentShots

    Discussion  Modded menus for jtag.

    Hello im purchasing a jtag from sharkycustoms and they have a list of menus to pick from and these are the 5 I want but I don't know much about them or even if they are up to date. Would anyone people take their times and tell me the best one out of each game is or even there isn't one that's on...
  9. D

    Solved  Custom Zombie Maps in Black Ops 1 Xbox 360?

    Hi! I am just a person who plays custom zombie maps on WaW on PC but recently me and my friend have been playing zombies on Xbox 360 BO1. He doesn't have any DLC and playing Kino only is kinda boring, is there a way I can bring Custom zombie maps onto 360?
  10. N

    Hosting BO1 Multiplayer Modded Lobbies/Menus FREE

    HOW TO JOIN Message my GT: LittlChicagoTed and tell me your favorite FOOD Lobbies fill up quick, so please be patient.
  11. C

    BumTamTam Lobby's Online {No} 10 Free Recovery's

    BumTamTam Lobby's Games I host: Currently Hosting!!!: How to get recovery: Current GamerTag: Proof: Donations are accepted but not required and note donations do not get you any special treatment as specified by the t&c's of Se7enSins. Donations help keep me online and hosting, they are greatly...
  12. Hitta v3

    Looking for 6man

    Looking for 5 more people to get a 6 man and go online if interested msg my GT: YoungBoyz33
  13. D

    Free Challenge lobby BO1

    done with. No more lobbies
  14. X

    Unsolved  Anyone know of any working BO1 Mod menus for pc?

    I have found a few, none of which enable you to set your level, im looking for a menu that works, and that i can set my level and prestige to the max and have it stay that way, if you have one or know of one it would be very helpful if you drop a link below, thank you!!!
  15. I

    Bo1 team tack bosting Xbox 360

    Trying to find a group tobost team tack
  16. P0INTxZ3R0

    Mod menu V5.1

    Closed If you are a guest to 7 sins, feel free to come check it out. (Gamer tag at bottom) No spamming, everyone can have it. No yelling. No friend requests How to use: Join my game, leave and start up SPLITSCREEN. Once in SPLITSCREEN add your 2nd controller and start your SPLITSCREEN match...
  17. CHXSEN420

    Discussion  Suspended because of Mods

    I'm actually amazed that after all these years, they're still banning people for modding on BO1. Yesterday i received a 2 week suspension for using theatre mods. I knew that theyre strict on modding, but for a game thats as old as this im genuinely surprised. I was just wondering if anyone else...
  18. Tequah

    Free Unlock All Lobby MW2 & BO1

    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Can anyone host a FREE unlock all lobby for Modern Warfare 2 and/or Black Ops 1? GT: - Zequah x Please leave your gamertag in the comments so other users can find your services as well please, or message/invite me on XBL and ill comment your GT on the thread for you...
  19. S

    Bo1 modded lobby fun cohost

    Message: TNVQ For an invite on Xbox
  20. Clashgamer489

    Clash of clans recruiting

    Hi guys I have a clan fir anyone on clash of clans if anyone wants to join we recruit every day hopefully you guys like it (ficecode2)
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