1. VenomPlays_YT

    Video  GTA 5 Blue Joggers TryHard Modded Outfit

    Hope you like it
  2. dat_sin_tho

    Unsolved  Custom Xbox One Help/Tips Please

    Ok. So i bought an xbox one in January and since then i have installed a custom fan and replaced the LED colors on the console and controller. Now i am going to be building a new case entirely out of wood, and installing a window. I am thinking of painting the wood blue but still undecided. I...
  3. S

    Discussion  How much is This Case Hardened AK?

    Anybody know much much my ak is? ($/€ and Keys)
  4. Pokemon Generation I Retrospective

    Pokemon Generation I Retrospective

    When I was a young owlet, I didn’t really look at video games the same way I do now. Most of my experience with gaming was going over to a friends house and getting to play whatever they happened to have at the time. It wasn’t much, but it was something, and I enjoyed my time spent playing...
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