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  1. O

    Gamesaves  olletnaS's Modded Bloodborne save v1.1 (Read Description)

    First update to my modded characters on Bloodborne. Features such as Blood Gem slots and game difficulty editing have been added along with a larger variety of Modded Gems, Caryll Runes, Weapons, and Armor. This will work Online This can work on all regions, not only US. This will have more...
  2. MultiDragon129


    GERMAN FOR SMASH? o.o BLOODBORNE FUNNY MOMENTS! ------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- FUNNY MOMENTS for Bloodborne which is an alternate series of the Dark Souls franchise, this is my last video for...
  3. MultiDragon129

    PS4  THE END | Bloodborne + Credits б(*`・´)∂ [The End]

    WTF IS DAT? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- LAST EPISODE BOYS! Bloodborne Ep. #62 Time to finish this and I'm also glad that whoever stuck around to the end This series is OVER and we're...
  4. MultiDragon129


    BLOODBORNE FUNNY MOMENTS | Ninja's Man :/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- YO it's time for FUNNY MOMENTS on Bloodborne, basically it's a compile of the funniest moments from many episodes of the...
  5. MultiDragon129


    WTF IS DAT? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- Sup Guys, Back for some more Bloodborne, Full series Co-op LP W/ RICDRAGONZR4U specifically episode #61, this time we finish Gehrman OFF but...
  6. MultiDragon129

    PS4  o(`□´)○ Bloodborne GAMEPLAY! | PROM WAS YE

    THIS JAUN DON'T KNOW ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everybody! we are back for some more Bloodborne W/ RICDRAGONZR4U This episode we finish off The Daughter jaun and then we go to...
  7. MultiDragon129

    PS4  (°ㅂ° ╬) Bloodborne GAMEPLAY! PROM DATE??

    MA PROM DATE! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey GUYS back for some more Bloodborne W/ RICDRAGONZR4U (#59) we are OFFICIALLY on the final session of this entire let's play, we're...
  8. MultiDragon129

    PS4  Bloodborne [Funny Moments] THIS IS SOME BULLCRAP! ( ▀ 益 ▀ )

    THIS IS SOME CRAP FOR REAL :/ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys! MultiDragon129 BACK with another Funny Moments video ft. RICDRAGONZR4U It's another Bloodborne Highlights moments thing, we're mainly...
  9. MultiDragon129

    PS4  UN-F****ING BELIEVABLE! | Dark Souls 3 | GAMEPLAY °Д°

    UN-F****ING BELIEVABLE! ----------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, Back for some more Dark Souls 3 (III) Full Co-op/Rage Series W/ RICDRAGONZR4U! #22 I'm going to be doing something alittle different for the time being...
  10. MultiDragon129

    PS4  Bloodborne CO-OP Series - OCTOPUS ***! ૮(ꂧ᷆⺫ꂧ᷇)ა

    OCTOPUS ***! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's up! Bloodborne Part/Ep. 58 This is a Co-op Full Playthrough of this amazing PS4 Exclusive with my cousin...
  11. MultiDragon129

    PS4  CAINHURST BOSS JANK | Bloodborne Co-op Funny Moments | ( ▀ 益 ▀ )

    CAINHURST BOSS JANK --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys back for some more Bloodborne Co-op Full playthrough series with my cousin/ unfortuanate soul, XD RICDRAGONZR4U We're...
  12. MultiDragon129

    PS4  BLOODBORNE #56 - PLEASE! ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

    Bloodborne #56 PLEASE... XD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everybody! it's MultiDragon129 back for some more Bloodborne AWSEOMENESS with my cousin RICDRAGONZR4U, this is a full...
  13. MultiDragon129

    PS4  #55 | Bloodborne GAMEPLAY | THE ROOF \(・`(ェ)・)/

    Bloodborne #55 \(・`(ェ)・)/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, we are back for some Bloodborne, the full series co-op let's play w/ my cousin RICDRAGONZR4U! we are now in the...
  14. MultiDragon129

    PS4  Bloodborne | Castle Cainhurst | [#54] - SPOOKY MANSION

    BLOODBORNE #54 SPOOKY SPOOKE -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, we are BACK for some more Bloodborne W/ Ricdragonzr4u This is a FULL co-op Playthrough/Rage series and we are...
  15. MultiDragon129

    PS4  BLOODBORNE #53 - DEMONS! ↻(*`ー´)ψ

    Bloodborne | DEMONS! #53 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, We are back for some more of this Bloodborne Let's Play Full Co-op Run w/ RICDRAGONZR4U! In this episode we're still...
  16. MultiDragon129

    PS4  Bloodborne #52 - dancer CLUB ૮( ᵒ̌▱๋ᵒ̌ )ა

    BLOODBORNE #52 - dancer CLUB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, we're back with some more Bloodborne with my cousin/ co-op...
  17. MultiDragon129

    PS4  ✧゚Bloodborne FUNNY MOMENTS - Honor Students ✧゚

    Bloodborne Funny MOMENTS! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey GUYS it's been awhile since i've done a highlights moment so hope you guys have fun with...
  18. MultiDragon129

    PS4  BLOODBORNE Ep: 51 WORST SHOUTOUT! W/Ricdragonzr4u2 (ᵔᴥᵔ)

    Bloodborne Ep: 51 WORST SHOUTOUT EVER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bloodborne Ep 51 Co-op W/ RICDRAGONZR4U2 in this episode we go to...
  19. MultiDragon129

    PS4  Bloodborne Part #50 - LOOKIN' AROUND ^̮^

    BLOODBORNE EP. 50 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everybody, Bloodborne just keeps getting closer and closer to that final episode...it's been a long time...
  20. MultiDragon129

    PS4  Bloodborne | #49 - OCTOPUS LAND (゚ヮ゚☜)

    BLOODBORNE | OCTOPUS LAND -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- HEY GUYS more bloodborne is out , this time we explore through the Nightmare Frontier and fight some strange enemies along the way o.o and I mean this game just honestly gets weirder...
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