1. E

    Unsolved  Multiplayer screen loading over and over again.. Can anyone reset my account??

    Hey! can anyone reset my account so i can actually play multiplayer again?! rebought the game for xbox one and saw the glitch is still stuck on my account and i can’t play. someone please help!!
  2. M

    Unsolved  I'm using a YouTube menu base to create a menu, but I can't move between sub-menus. How can I fix this?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to menu creation in C++ and I'm currently using a menu base that I found on YouTube. It's a fun project that I'm working on in my spare time to help me better understand C++ concepts. However, I've run into an issue when attempting to create multiple pages within the...
  3. XeXino

    Black Ops 2 Predator v6.7 All Client Menu | XeXino

    BO2 PREDATOR V6.7 MOD MENU - ALL CLIENT HOSTED BY XEXINO! Lobby Status : Proof : How To Join : Join my session from my gamertag via private chat only! : Lobby Rules : No friend requests! No messages! No screaming or begging for mods!
  4. iLoganxD99

    Logan's Modded Lobby Service

    hello se7ensins im hosting black ops 2 modded lobbys such as xp/camo, zombieland etc.. add my psn linked down below and just join session please be patient as everyone wants to be in the lobby reminder; if your already master prestige or have everything unlocked let lower leveled people join...
  5. Quickscope2016

    Black Ops 2 XP Lobby/ Camo Lobby!!

    PROOF: Status: CLOSED! How to Join: Send a Private Chat then join session in progress Host: quickscope2016 No friend requests or spamming me with messages! If you want to stay updated on what I am hosting or when I will be open or closed, follow this thread and also my profile. (: POST...
  6. xGamer7777x

    Video  THIS GUY WANTS A SHOUTOUT??? Black Ops 2 1v1 Rage!!!

  7. H

    Unsolved  Fatal Crash Zombies RGH BO2

    someone please reply my zombies loads about halfway sometimes or gets in game for 30 seconds and lags and then itll say fatal crash. this happens on any map so its not the menu because also if i take the menu off it stIll has the fatal crash and idk what to do ive tried everything i could think...
  8. xGamer7777x


  9. Zenseyy

    Need People 6 Man Ps3 Bo2 Bo1 Mw3 Mw2

    Wanna join my 6 man or I join yours? Idc Add me (Zenseyy) or text my imessage [email protected] PS3 Pls -pls have a mic -pls dont be a douche -I have bo2 bo1 mw3 mw2 ghosts
  10. Dudecjl2

    Solved  How to Mod?

    Hey there, I recently joined this site after looking at post for rgh/jtag modding and I wanted to get started in modding so I have some questions: Which should I get Rgh or Jtag, What is the price/where can i buy an rgh/jtag. Where can I get backgrounds free Microsoft points free games and...
  11. B

    looking for someone to boost with me (nuclear)

    looking for someone to boost with me on black ops 2 domination for a nuclear and to get my combat knife gold.I will help you 2 for something:smile: add me: bale_of_hay
  12. Its Ghost

    Apoco Gaming | Official Recruitment Thread | Sniping

    What is Apoco? Apoco is a Black Ops II Sniping Clan that is looking for new, active members. We also plan on eventually making a competitive team, but currently are only Sniping. The Roster Heres the Apoco Gaming Roster, updated as of Saturday, December 5, 2015 - Apoco MisT (Leader) - Apoco...
  13. M


    Hey! Looking for two players whose willing to boost. I'm hosting a locked lobby. Add / message my gamertag and we can start. Gt - MLS Raz Must have - TWO CONTROLLERS Preferably a Mic but it's okay if you don't have one
  14. S

    Video  YouTube Channel: Seey Drus <3

    Hey guys, im a YouTuber and do Daily COD Video's and what to succed and have fun! Please go ahead and check me out leave a like, or subscribe. Thanks bro! I am also looking for channel art so if anyone can do it, please message me or leave a comment on this forum! Channel...
  15. T

    BO2 Zombie EE Team

    Hey guys! Due to losing my old account and simply wanting to enjoy doing the Zombie easter eggs again, I am looking for a few gamers to do so with me. I don't have a mic but know how to do all EE and am a round 40 average player. I can also hear people you have mics if you need to quickly ask me...
  16. X

    Solved  Need Help On Gsc Coding

    Does Anyone Know The Command/Dvar For Unlimited Game Time?

    Atomic Clan Recruitment

    Yo Want to join my clan message me you psn and if you are a qs or a ts just msg me on here or psn Atomic_Motion Peace Ps Skype is very hype for team battles
  18. J

    Black Ops 2 Trick Shotting Lobby

    Send a message to JeremyWade56 on xbox360 saying inv for an invite
  19. FatalCrash HDK

    Black Ops 2 Classe Names - TU18

    Hello :smile: I'll just share this useful tool which can beings lot of people :wink: Even if there are others one more will not hurt ! :biggrin: You will automatically unlock 10 classes when the Rename :tongue: Screenshot: Download...
  20. SonicIsSwifter

    NoVa Begining Clan

    Hello I am leader of the clan *NoVa* and I have just started it recently, there will be no need for a name change just yet as it is only a beginner, if you would like to join post this in this formant Example: Gamer tag:SonicIsSwifter Age:17 (requirements 13-any age) Favourite Cod: (if you...
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