1. Kaizuhr_

    Video  INSTANT! Dark Matter glitch works again!! (After patch)

    I did the old method messing around with the Q AND E spam and left clicking Dark Matter and it works again thought id share if repost delete. added video to prove it works. Console players please post if it works on your system if you remember the method but with a controller please ty...
  2. OpTic_MagnumXL

    Competitive Play

    HC Dom need 3. Drop psn below.
  3. A

    AnonymousRevert's RGH Zombieland

    Msg or join session if possible Gt: AnonymousRevert Post Legit and invite your friends too and have Fun. Hope Everyone has fun if you join in on this zombieland madness :smile:
  4. C

    BO4 Boosting Lobby - long session only

    Looking for another 7 players for a boosting session Please don’t add me if you just want one or 2 games want a party of us that can grind for a few hours at least I have 2 controllers so can host and I’m based in the U.K. PSN- cheesetoasty1996
  5. Beachpartyman

    Unsolved  Call of Duty Black Ops 1 mod ideas needed!

    I believe that this game deserves more attention. In all my years of modding ive always wanted to create a texture mod for this game.. Now i have all the required tools and resources to do almost anything. And thats the problem, I have fooled around with some ideas but i cant really think of a...
  6. I

    Blackops1 xp lobby

    Msg- ( iTz So Alumni ) for inv, if interested in xp lobby glitch... Dont know how to do info - Watch youtube for the infection Ex info - If you got a extra remote to sign in a guest, it always helps wit finding lobbys faster! Plz dont spam, just msg for inv, will be trying to do this all...

    Unsolved  Godmode/ invisible class

    I gave myself the godmode class but I don’t really understand it. Sometimes people see me and can kill me with headshots, dogs, knife, napalm strike, then sometimes they can’t see me and cannot kill me with anything can somebody fully explain this class? I use the class on my Xbox one which I...
  8. P0INTxZ3R0

    Mod menu V5.1

    Closed If you are a guest to 7 sins, feel free to come check it out. (Gamer tag at bottom) No spamming, everyone can have it. No yelling. No friend requests How to use: Join my game, leave and start up SPLITSCREEN. Once in SPLITSCREEN add your 2nd controller and start your SPLITSCREEN match...
  9. O


    ( MUST HAVE MIC ) Hello i am OPG Purgatory i'm currently recruiting for OPG (On-Point Gaming) we're a hardcore clan , we are a serious and big community we are looking for new players message me or comment below if you are interested or want to know more details. (MUST HAVE MIC) WE ARE ON XBOX !!
  10. Quickscope2016

    Black Ops 2 XP Lobby/ Camo Lobby!!

    PROOF: Status: CLOSED! How to Join: Send a Private Chat then join session in progress Host: quickscope2016 No friend requests or spamming me with messages! If you want to stay updated on what I am hosting or when I will be open or closed, follow this thread and also my profile. (: POST...
  11. E

    Unsolved  BO2 Recovery Programs do not work.

    My console is set to default in Neighborhood My Plugins are: plugin1 = Hdd:\xbdm.xex plugin2 = Hdd:\********.xex plugin3 = Hdd:\XRPC.xex plugin4 = Hdd:\JRPC2.xex plugin5 = Hdd:\RPC.xex I get this error when pressing connect to console: See the end of this message for details on invoking...
  12. H

    Unsolved  Fatal Crash Zombies RGH BO2

    someone please reply my zombies loads about halfway sometimes or gets in game for 30 seconds and lags and then itll say fatal crash. this happens on any map so its not the menu because also if i take the menu off it stIll has the fatal crash and idk what to do ive tried everything i could think...
  13. Just Dyl Bro

    Solved  Help PLEASEEE

    Hey guys, Just wondering if you need a KV to host lobbies or is it like MW2 etc, Can I just J2R anything? or can i at least get my online prestige done through system link from retail to JTAG?
  14. Pomzila

    Video  BLACK OPS 1 *NEW 2017* Best Commando Class SETUP (suggest you class please!)

    What do you think of the class setup and are there any other classes that I may cover a video on, please suggest them :)
  15. X

    Making new clan

    clan name: mbp I started playing blkops again recently and I'm looking for players 18+ just to play hardcore tdm. Custom games like Michael Myers, etc. my k/d is 1.29 Tag is MANBEARPiG Add me and send me a message. I usually play 3-4 times a week around 5pm-11pm central time.
  16. S

    [PS4] BO3 Boosting

    Looking For Players. Add SnwyOG (PSN)
  17. T

    ISO zombie glitching partners

    Looking for some people willing to do some zombies glitches. I know there are a bunch still around. Gamertag: bubbythewhale96 Send me a message
  18. A

    craZe - New clan recruiting - Black ops 3!!

    New black ops 3 clan now recruiting To join give me a message on Xbox, my gt is Anthonymul27 Clan name- craZe Requirements- - must have a mic - have to speak English - play cod regularly - have a good kd ratio Looking to win all games that are possible and to get our name out there. Also...
  19. CheaterGG97

    Working  Black Ops 3 Zombie Glitches - Elevator Glitch!

    Brief Tutorial 1 - Make the sheild 2 - Go to the Theatre area of Shadows of Evil map 3 - go onto the cat walk opposite the Theatre building 4 - Get onto the stairs with your sheild on your back (facing down the stairs) 5 - Let a zombie hit you in the back and you should elevate 6 - aim in the...
  20. S

    Video  YouTube Channel: Seey Drus <3

    Hey guys, im a YouTuber and do Daily COD Video's and what to succed and have fun! Please go ahead and check me out leave a like, or subscribe. Thanks bro! I am also looking for channel art so if anyone can do it, please message me or leave a comment on this forum! Channel...
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