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blackops 3

  1. S

    Question  Black Ops III MP is BROKEN on Xbox 360, is there a way to mod prestiges or prestige permanent unlock tokens, or the unlocks themselves?

    The only way to get all the achievements in the game is to get to prestige 10 to unlock all the necessary things, because normal unlock tokens don't work anymore as they just freeze the game without unlocking it, only the permanent tokens from prestiging work. so is there a mod menu or something...
  2. UndeadMax

    Game Mods  Boosting bo3

    I need someone that boosting me on bo3 (only ps4)
  3. S

    Looking for those who know how to boost

    Trying to find people to assist me in boosting, have two controllers and working microphone PSN: ROLEXXTIGERR
  4. PrevailGB


    New and upcoming eSports gaming clan; Most Feared™ (mF) is recruiting experienced BO3 gamebattlists! They are Search Dominant, and are skilled in Variant as well! Looking to grow and make chemistry with a new team ladder whom has potential. They are looking to become a dominant team upon the...

    XP Boosting BO3 - Instant Invite

  6. I

    BO3  Looking for a clan and to make money !? Join inferior gaming!

    Hi ! We are inferior gaming, we are in a recruitment stage right now, in order to even try out you must have a positive K.D. The top four members recruited will play in a 4vs4 game battle tournament for a prize of 100$! We're on Xbox One, message iScufiez if interested in joining.
  7. B

    BO3 Full Lobby Boosting (XBONE)

    -Need 5 people -Need a mic, xbox party chat only -Need a second controller -Need a rubber band for your second controller, so nobody gets kicked -Do not get greedy. Have patience, everyone will get what they need done -I will explain to everyone how it's done, don't fret If interested contact me...
  8. M

    Bo3 Hardcore CTF Boostint 24 Hours Xbox

    Message me GT Mr Peggie Requirements: Be mature, 2 controllers, Headset Instant Invite
  9. J

    Xbox 360 Boosting

    Post your gamer tag below for invite 300k/30 min
  10. jdrlcm


    Add me to start gaining that sexy xp ;) PSN: lastchaosmarine
  11. qwertywar

    R3SE Clan Needs you!

    Don't let the name deter you from joining us! My name is R3SE Zinc (No gamer tag change needed)and I joined this can a few days ago and was appointed the manager of the competitive team(Trust me I don't suck at all). With that being said I need to fill spots on the UMG team. I need Atleast 4...
  12. P


    ADD ME ElMatadorBR1
  13. C

    Black ops 3 boosting lobby Xbox one

    Message C0DFATHER 14 for an invite you must have these requirements 1) two accounts 2) two controllers 3) compliance Btw that's a zero in the gamer tag
  14. Mantrixray

    Discussion  zombies master prestige glitch

    hey guys so in the past 3 days from now i was 5th prestige 31 and spent 10 hours a day grinds 2xp zombies and eventually i hit 10th level 35 just about 2 hours ago so when i hit that mark i went to the combat records were it shows all your stats and i notice there was a master prestige emblem...
  15. Zirxy

    new clan for ps4 for pub stomping and arena play

    name clan: Agile Must have a k/d 2.50+ score per minute 400+ w/l ratio 2.50+ age 17+ message me on psn: JGamil if you want to join iam trying to get 7 more people for the clan
  16. S

    XB1 BO3 boost

    Message stinkymouse123 Must have 2 controllers and another account Must have a working mic
  17. E

    Shadows of evil. Looking for a team of 3

    we can get to high rounds. If you want to join message me at my Gt. I will not accept people without a mic. Gt EpicGenetic 007
  18. I

    Looking for boosting lobby bo3

    looking for boosting/prestige/dark matter lobby
  19. Akash Moneyy


    Leave your gamertag below for an invite ! Must know what you're doing. Need: 2 Controllers. a Mic.
  20. E

    Zombies anyone.

    Want to play zombies. If you want to play zombies with me. Just send me a message. My gamertag is. EpicGenetic 007
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