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black ops

  1. Dehz

    PS3 | FREE | Multi-COD | Unlock All | Mod Menu |Frozen Class Fix | Infections | Mod Menu | Fun Lobbies! | OPEN

    HELLO EVERYONE! AND WELCOME TO DEHZ'S MULTICOD MODDING SERVICES Click Spoiler to Add RED = Offline :arghh: Green = Online :wink: I will be hosting mods for free on the following games, just add me. PROOF BELOW:
  2. Heaventh007

    Code  [SOURCE] C# 32 Char Gamertag Changer BO1

    Alright, so someone decided to take my code that I gave to ONLY Maximus to put into Quick Tool, then they put it into their PAID tool without giving credit. I am now here releasing it for everyone. // PATCH Xbox360.SetMemory(0x83D077F0, new byte[] { 0x7C, 0x83, 0x23, 0x78, 0x3D, 0x60, 0x83...
  3. Black Ops Cold War | HC FFA | Crossplay ENABLED

    Black Ops Cold War | HC FFA | Crossplay ENABLED

    Some hardcore FFA using the new GTX 1660 Super I was finally able to get my hands on. Definitely one of my favorite maps from the cod series too
  4. imkira3

    Mod Menu  Zombies External Universal Settings Mod Centre for Operations and Resource Execution Version ZPS3v01 (ZEUS Mod CORE Version ZPS3v01)

    Zombies External Universal Settings Mod Centre for Operations and Resource Execution Version ZPS3v01 (a.k.a. ZEUS Mod CORE Version ZPS3v01) was officially released one week prior! (Subscribers get faster updates) This Call of Duty Black Ops zombies mod aims to be a userfriendly and universal...
  5. Kanye North

    Tutorial  Call of Duty Cold War BOOSTING NOW

    CALL OF DUTY COLD WAR MULTIPLAYER BOOSTING NOW!! 1620254771 Drop your @ts below
  6. P

    Can someone please boost me?

    Hey, I need help to get my weapons max level so I can grind the DM ultra, if someone can please boost me so I can max out my guns I'd really appreciate it. thank you. Killin Becheese#5113595
  7. M

    Cold War Boosting 3v3 6v6 Camos

    Post your Tags with ID so we can get this thing started just tryna get some camos and rank up fast 1617046522 My iD is borosidemainski#8685716
  8. T


    First come first served. Will be hosting a free boosting lobby for about 45 min or so. Add my discord and message me there, dasbrot#6137 Any platform welcome.
  9. OldschooledXBL

    Black ops 1 xp lobbie legit!

    Gamertag - OIdschooled (the L in OLD is an i) Send chat invite or ask for invite, full instructions in my bio! Join quick!
  10. rogueyoshi

    All  Call of duty app squads

    Anyone trying to join a Cod squad? Join "Cod raiders" we are an active squad that always plays and gets the weekly challenges done. Just make sure you're an active member or you will be kicked. Thank you and have a great day!
  11. E

    Black ops 4 boosting

    Message- strappedd upp We will be hosting all day join up 50 kill rotation know what your doing
  12. Sxntino

    Solved  Black Ops II DLC Camos Mod/Hack?

    Guys, would there be any way to get the BO2 dlc camo packs for free on Xbox One? I suck at hacking/modding xbox things lol I can literally jailbreak/homebrew/hack anything else:tongue:
  13. P

    Solved  Workaround to mod zombies without resuming campaign?

    The sad state of my Bo1 disc is holding me back from doing any real modding. I've been getting familiar with GPDs in the meantime and scouring the g,interwebz for a workaround to my issue. Oooook so >console got bumped >oh****.jpg >zombies keep spawning I keep slaying >day or 2 later jump on...
  14. B

    Bo3 Boosting

    Boosting if we get 4-8 players we will do rotation ffa (free for all) so we all get Nuked Outs and get camos if we get 8+ players we will do a Team death match 75 kill rotation to get a gun gold nearly Timing GTM Mon-Fri - 10am - 1pm (times may varie) Gold Gun - 10-30 Mins Diamond - 1-2...
  15. gamer7121

    Question  Any way to save a game state to reload later? rgh xbox 360

    I've been playing black ops zombies split screen a ton on my rgh with my room mate. The issue is we will often get to round 20 or so on ascension and then have to pause for class, then come back and finish till we die. We usually don't have enough time or energy to finish an entire game in one...
  16. O

    Bo4 harcdore Dom boosting 50 kill rotation

    Hardcore Dom 50 kill rotations Message OPS Crxze or OPS Drifter for an invite Need 5
  17. Twiizted

    COD BOZ On Phone.

    Check out this awesome video.
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