black ops 3

  1. Red xJuice

    Black Ops 3 Xbox 360 Shadows Of Evil

    What's Going On Guys Looking For Players For Xbox 360 Shadows Of Evil! Rules No Shouting/Screaming No Playing Loud Music Don't tell me when to start Plz don't fill my msg box! Add Me As A Friend Or Send Me A Message Or PVT Chat And I Will Inv You! Enjoy & Have Fun! GT: i7 Twist
  2. yungmako

    Boosting Lobby (rank up, hero armor, etc.)

    Need people to boost with on Ps4. PSN is xcalzonex. Add me and message me to join my lobby, or comment your PSN below and I will add you immediately.
  3. B

    Unsolved  "Board To Death" Gobblegum Glitch or Ban?

    Hello, fellow zombie killers! I'm brand new to this website and forum, and I was hoping someone could give me an answer for this predicament! So, as I was playing Zombie map Verruckt, I purposely made sure I had the "Board to Death" Gobblegum equipped, as it seemed like a great gym for the map...
  4. GermanEliteGamerzZ

    Black Ops 3 Boosting Lobbys [GER/ENG] XBOX ONE

    Hey Guys, i search people for doing a Boosting Lobby. All what you need: > 2 Controller / RIGHT NOW i only have 1 Controller so i need to Boost with 1 of your Splitscreens :/ > DONT Kill the (Boosting People) only Splitscreen Players! > If you are from Germany you can Invite me to a Party >...
  5. karl stanley

    Unsolved  Back Ops 3 Mod Menu??

    Anyone know of any menus for the above game that could kindly be passed other??
  6. PNOTTZ420

    All  [NSG] NonStopGaming - Recruiting Now! All Platforms & Social Media!

    - ABOUT US - NonStopGaming start from competitive gaming to gaming clothing & more we have a full setup website for our clothing and designs and also technical support, We are very creative from making Youtube videos, Live Twitch streaming to Twitch & Youtube GFX and Logos We aim to grow big and...
  7. rifleman_lc

    Cod BO3 jitter mod community looking for people to party up

    hey guys, looking for 6 man parties on black ops 3 PS4 preferably people with jitter mod. if interested join the "call of duty jitter community" on the ps4 communities or message EPICDARKMOLE or Rifleman_lc. anyone welcome. just post on the community wall and we will invite to a game. normally...
  8. R

    Unsolved  Can't compile my map, please help!

    I've been trying to compile my map and I started to get this problem right after I verified my game files. Here is the text I get, it might not be an error but I don't understand any of this and it won't continue the compile. " C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Call of Duty Black...
  9. Danixer

    Video  All BEST Black Ops 3 Glitches! ( Cryptokeys, Dark Matter)

    This video includes, dark matter glitch, crypto keys glitch, diamond camo glitch, paint job glitch and more. Tutorial Do the UI Stack And then there are different ways. If you don’t understand: Watch this:
  10. Danixer


    Tutorial * Clear Your Multiplayer Custom Class 2. Go To Custom Games and Clear the same Class 2 out. Do the UI Stack Add your Primary Weapon once you join your friend Tell friend to go to custom games, and then add overkill wildcard. Hover over any secondary (primary-overkill) the same...
  11. Red xJuice

    BO3 Dark Matter (HELP)

    ----------------------------------- I need someone to boost with me to help me get camo's. If anyone is interested my GamerTag is: i7 Twist ----------------------------------- I will be on until 9:00PM UK ----------------------------------- Must have (OR): WhatsApp FB Messenger Headset(Would...
  12. nV Adapt

    Discussion  Black Ops 3 May 12 Community Challenge is Live!

    Live now through May 12-23! { Completed / Finished } [Zombie Theme] What is your opinions on this challenge should they do this monthly or yearly? Tier 1 [25%]: Yoji Shinkawa- Themed calling card featuring Takeo & Richtofen Tier 2 [50%]: Yoji Shinkawa- Themed calling card featuring Nikolai...
  13. Itz Hickum

    Video  Black Ops 3 Challenges

    Check out this challenge I did the other day, I was also wondering what other challenges I could do that are pretty fun and challenging.
  14. Z

    Discussion  Call of Duty Union is Now live

    Okay I've decided to fill a gap in the Xbox Clubs Section I've made a Union for passionate call of duty players. About our Union Here we join up with passionate Call of Duty gamers. Share content, cool clips, ideas, easter egg help, zombies, and multilayer across all COD installments, making...
  15. A

    Solved  Any kind of service to pay to get guns gold?

    Im just wondering if there is any web store or anyone that would get my snipers gold for me.
  16. Krush_OvR

    Please i want a Unlock all or XP LOBBY on Black Ops 3

    i want a xp or unlock all lobby thanks
  17. KexkiixJokerz

    IW MW3 MW MW2 WaW Ghosts AW BO BO2 BO3  Lazer Clan

    Rules / and how to get in XBOXONE GT:AvidJokerSage -can be any age XBOX 360 GT:SageTwist -needs to be a trickshoter, sniper, editor, or a sweats -needs to be nice -doesn't have to be good -need xbox 1 or 360 Join soon<3be on 360 at 5:30 do...
  18. B

    Boosters that Grind hard

    okay so I'm here looking for a full party of people to boost with tomorrow night message me on psn saying boost if you want too ! Requirements : Must know how to boost - Must have 2 controllers - Have a mic (optional if you know what you are doing ) psn: BorNxReckless
  19. MrGoodLucky_1512

    HCCTF Boosting XOne

    Post GT down bellow for an inv. Need at least another 3 people Need a mic Need 2 controllers Need all DLC maps Make sure to have a elastic band or hair tie
  20. Tw1ZtId

    Looking to boost

    New to the game, just wanna boost a bit to get some good gear, maybe shut up a few friends lol. I don't have two controllers though, so if you can still boost with me only having one that'd be beautiful. I do have a mic though. My psn is Faded Sinner.
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