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  1. Heisenberg_

    Mod Menu  Iconic v3 BO2 Zombies mod menu

    ICONIC V3 XBOX MOD MENU FOR BO2 ZOMBIES, CREATED BY SERIOUSHD- DOWNLOAD: VIRUS SCAN: *You will need BO2 GSC loader installed on the bo2 game file. I will link a tutorial to follow if you don’t know how to do it. VIDEO
  2. 2wmt


  3. E

    Unsolved  BO2 rcovery tool for steam and force host infinate joining game lobby fix

    hello! I am here to ask if there are any black ops II steam recovery tools and if there is a fix for infinite joining game lobby when I have turned on force host for aRays's trickshotting menu. maybe there are other type of trickshotting mod menus for black ops II that allow me to force host...
  4. T

    Solved  frozen classes please help me, XBOX

    please help me, gamertag is TurnerUTD
  5. P

    Unsolved  Looking for help with resetting my Black Ops 2 account (frozen classes/game freeze)

    Hi, First time posting. My BO2 account was recently hacked. I was demoted to level 4 (from 55) and lost all prestige. The game freezes in multiplayer as soon as a map loads and also when I click on Custom Class in pre-lobby. Zombies works. I need help resetting my account (to level 1 is...
  6. S

    Unsolved  BO2 zombies ****7 script error(s): solve function „closemenus“ in maps/mp/_imcsx_gsc_studios.gsc

    Hello , so basically I really tried everything I could to solve this problem but now I don’t know what to do … Everytime i go in zombies and try to play a game (solo , local , Systemlink , online ) it kicks me out and it gives me that error I tried really everything and I don’t know what to do...
  7. N

    Unsolved  Mod Menu Help Please.

    I made my own mod menu on GSC Studio and everything works fine but after a few minutes in a game it freezes. I compile the script into _clientids. Then I go into neighborhood > games > black ops 2 > raw > maps > mp > gametypes and place it in there. The bo2 file used to be for elegance and it...
  8. bihnezz

    Unsolved  Custom Screenshots?

    does anyone know if custom screenshots are still possible (irl image instead of gameplay) if so how is this done? I've seen irl images saved as screenshots before. edit: i own a rgh 1632623199 bump
  9. Owens87

    Unsolved  dlc region

    hello i had to re downloaded call of duty black ops 2 region free cause my files got corrupt from the last time i played it and the dlc's and game are from the same website but when i load up the game in either multiplayer or zombies it tells me (the content you are trying to load is from an...
  10. K

    Solved  Nuketown 2025 and Nuketown Zombies Missing

    Hello, I was hoping someone would be able to help me out. I have installed Black Ops 2 and all of its DLCs, including the seasons pass. Everything works fine except Nuketown 2025 and Nuketown Zombies, which do not show up at all. I have already tried unlocking the DLCs with XM360. I have tried...
  11. xGamer7777x

    Streaming / Video  Lamar Roasts Franklin On Call of Duty Black Ops 2

  12. D

    Discussion  need help with bo2 account

    Someone messaged me saying, someone made them a bo2 modded account, but they said they freeze when they get onto bo2 with the account they asked me to fix it, i dont know how to. How can i fix there account the person is on OFW 4.87, i am on Rebug 4.82 Dex
  13. A

    Unsolved  Need help with getting other episodes of TWD season 2

    So basically a few days ago I downloaded twd season 2 and started to play, around an hour in it ended and I realised I was playing the demo version on my rgh so since then I have looked everywhere for a way to get these episodes but I have no clue what I’m doing. When I go onto the episodes it...
  14. C

    Unsolved  Freezing on Zombies

    I load up zombies on bo2 on my rgh. I inject a menu with gsc studio. Everything is fine until the zombies freeze and then I freeze. I've tried project iconic, and RMT, and I get the same error with both.
  15. C

    Solved  Getting an error while injecting mods.

    I was trying to inject a zombies mod menu with gsc studio. When I inject a compiled script file, it says injecting... for a few minutes, and then it says "the gsc 'maps\mp\gametypes_zm\_clientids.gsc' doesn't exists in the struct, try in-game ?". I have tried a few different mod menus, I tried...
  16. R

    Unsolved  New To sprx help need bo2 code for menu!

    I've just started making my own black ops 2 sprx menu. It's a pre lobby menu with an ingame menu also that works and I want to add a recovery section to the pre lobby menu but I just cant seem to figure out how to change the level or prestige by one the offset for level I think is this...
  17. An Indian sepoy

    Xbox 360  Help with unlocking Zombie mode achievements in Black Ops 2

    Hi! I was wondering if someone would help me get some achievements in Black Ops 2. I mianly need the Zombie achievements that's all. My Gt is : An Indian sepoy. Thanks!
  18. F

    Unsolved  Black ops 2 zombies nuketown not showing up

    So ive tried hex editing it and that didnt work and ive tried using xm360 and 360mp to unlock snd it still does not show ive play it before not to long ago but recently i haven’t seen it in the map selection any tips ? update: I am on title update 18
  19. king_zrap13

    Unsolved  Call of duty : BO 2 zombies

    hello every one , thats my first post here so i have a network game center we play here via system link its only inside the game center not onile so the problem is > when i link more than 2 consoles into bo 2 zombies it get me out of the game and says fatal crash data and sometimes just the...
  20. A

    Unsolved  Black ops 2 tu18 files problem

    Ok so I recently got an rgh console and I have done research on these before I got one so I knew what to do, but I’ve been trying to install black ops 2 correctly for the past 3 days, and once I finally get it to work, whenever I try to install the tu18 update files to then install a mod menu...
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