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black ops 2 zombies

  1. T

    Question  Black ops 2 Zombies Mod Menu error

    I am trying to inhect a file onto my jtag called Zombiefied V1.2 and for some reason all i get is. Error: G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (1590): 'weapon/tracer/fx_tracer_flak_single_noExp' But it is in the folder i wonder. Have put it in the wrong folder? Can't the old one was in the same...
  2. SledLob

    Looking For Players to do Origins Easter Egg With

    I'm looking for players on Steam to do the Origins Easter Egg with. Must have knowledge and experience with map. Message me on steam ( SledLob ) to play :wink:.
  3. T

    Question  Please Help, Fatal Crash intercepted when i load up any zombies map

    Please help, It keeps saying fatal crash intercepted everytime i try to load up zombies on any map. im not sure if its the menu,stealth server,files or anything else i use and the menu im using atm is zombified v1. PLZ REPLY!!!
  4. C

    Transit Easter Egg Can You Help?

    Can you do the transit Easter egg Xbox 360? Do you have a mike? Do you want to help me? Post GT Down below Safe.
  5. X

    Need 3 More Skilled Players For Origins [PS3]

    I have time to kill and I want to play zombies. I'm not looking to do the Easter Egg, I want to go for high rounds. Must have mic. Please no backing out because you get down too much. I would like the fire staff, it's the only one I know how to build/upgrade and the only one I like using...
  6. C

    Solved  Is there a way to reset zombie stats?

    Is there a possible way to reset all zombie stats down to zero?
  7. Ovokea

    Looking for Zombies Pub players

    Gt: Codmaster191 I'm just looking for people with mics to play with. Survival on Town.
  8. MonstaFTW

    Video  WHO I AM!

    For those who don't me...
  9. MonstaFTW

    Video  Mob of the Dead - GANGSTER CHALLENGE [Part 2]

    HOPEFULLY YOU GUYS ENJOY! If you enjoyed this video leave a like and a comment :D
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