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black ops 2 mod menu

  1. A

    Discussion  Mod menu's for 360

    Where does one find modmenus nowadays for 360, since Im looking for more "updated" versions for BO2 GTA4 and 5 etc but as im some oldie who never knows where to look, id like some help!
  2. N

    Question  Mod Menu Help Please.

    I made my own mod menu on GSC Studio and everything works fine but after a few minutes in a game it freezes. I compile the script into _clientids. Then I go into neighborhood > games > black ops 2 > raw > maps > mp > gametypes and place it in there. The bo2 file used to be for elegance and it...
  3. R

    Question  New To sprx help need bo2 code for menu!

    I've just started making my own black ops 2 sprx menu. It's a pre lobby menu with an ingame menu also that works and I want to add a recovery section to the pre lobby menu but I just cant seem to figure out how to change the level or prestige by one the offset for level I think is this...
  4. A

    Question  Black ops 2 tu18 files problem

    Ok so I recently got an rgh console and I have done research on these before I got one so I knew what to do, but I’ve been trying to install black ops 2 correctly for the past 3 days, and once I finally get it to work, whenever I try to install the tu18 update files to then install a mod menu...
  5. Savagemonkey57

    Mod Menu  Jiggy 4.2 Mod Menu INFECTION

    To infect yourself with the Jiggy 4.2 mod menu, friend request my Xbox profile, go to "Friends" and at the bottom, it should say "Friend Request PendingPending" under my name, go to Player Channel and go to my edited films and there's videos named Jiggy 1 and 2. Watch part 1 first then part 2...
  6. WaysDaModder

    BO2 Modded Lobbies ♛ | XP/Camo Lobby! ✓ | Modded Gamemodes! ✓ | Verified Mod Menu! ✓ ♕

    ♕ Welcome to @WaysDaModder! Modded Lobbies! ♕ ♥ PLEASE post LEGIT/VOUCH ✓ to keep the thread alive! ♥ STATUS: OPEN! Hello! My name is WaysDaModder and I love to have fun, by modding and sharing it with the community! So, I bring you my Modded Lobbies! In my lobbies we have a wide-span of stuff...
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