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black ops 1

  1. M

    Question  God Mod Class on Blacl Ops 1

    Hey guys❤️ I got one question. İ Lost my Main Account and lost all the stuff in cod Black Ops 1. I created a new Account and try to find modder who can help me to get back my stuff. I already got unlock all but not the God mod Classes ? you guys think you can help me to get back my God mod...
  2. I

    Question  Question: XP Lobby/Server - Hosting a Dedicated Server - Official Serverfiles?

    Dedicated Servers I've come across posts discussing leaked server files, and I'm curious to know if its possible to host your own offical ranked dedicated server. I have also noticed that it's no longer possible to rent official servers through gameservers.com, which was the only provider. This...
  3. M

    Question  Need someone who can give me unlock all and God Mod Classes back in BO1

    Hey guys <3 I got deranked in Black Ops 1 and lost all my Modded Guns and my Level. Can Someone help me to get it back ? If yes i would be very happy ❤️. Thank you
  4. XeCrout


    Hello guys well its been a long time since i posted something here. Pretty much just bringin something you found fun or useful "Call vote exploit" this was found by JoMilk's and used in his offhost bo1 menu pretty fun tbh you can set infections or change stats to the host without you being the...
  5. Prorampage301

    All  WMD Sky Barrier

  6. A

    Question  Need help with getting other episodes of TWD season 2

    So basically a few days ago I downloaded twd season 2 and started to play, around an hour in it ended and I realised I was playing the demo version on my rgh so since then I have looked everywhere for a way to get these episodes but I have no clue what I’m doing. When I go onto the episodes it...
  7. T

    Question  Play wager matches (gun game etc.) on rgh Xbox 360 without live?

    Hey, as the title says is there any way to play wager matches on an Xbox 360 RGH console which doesn't have Xboxlive. Are there any mods that allow this etc? Thanks!
  8. T

    Free B01 modded lobby

    Add me on Infections, xp lobby and other stuff only running for 1 hour or so
  9. XeX Pineapples

    Solved  Tools used to mod the leaderboards? Black ops 2

    Could anyone help me out? Is there a tool out there to mod black ops 2 or any tools for any other Call of Duty Games for leaderboards to get to the top
  10. Cauliflower

    Xbox 360 Xbox One  Hosting micheal myers lobby MW2

    M2ARP, Hosting micheal myers lobby on MW2, currently having so much fun msg me on xbox : Quite Odd
  11. P

    Solved  Workaround to mod zombies without resuming campaign?

    The sad state of my Bo1 disc is holding me back from doing any real modding. I've been getting familiar with GPDs in the meantime and scouring the g,interwebz for a workaround to my issue. Oooook so >console got bumped >oh****.jpg >zombies keep spawning I keep slaying >day or 2 later jump on...
  12. imkira3

    Question  I'm looking for a very specific command for my Black Ops gpd mod

    So I made a gpd mod for Black Ops and I plan to release a new version soon, as the old version has several errors that need fixing, but before I do I want to complete my checklist of things to fix and I am nearly there. One of my final tasks is finding a way to crash the match after everyone is...
  13. G

    Free Black ops 1 modded zombies lobby

    Status lobby is closed. & will most likely open again on 19th -20th-September. I may be able to do the odd request Let's get this clear Some people have been getting this mixed up with JTAG MOD MENUS. THIS IS A .GPD MOD It does not require a Jtag Meaning no stealth server needed nor does it chew...
  14. G

    Discussion  Online Black ops 1 ZOMBIE MODS USB

    Hello everyone today i am sharing my black ops 1 tu 11 zombie mods. This was made by me. I did release it on my xpgamesaves profile ozzy420 but have decided to provide it to all here at se7ensins The mods don't require jtag or RGH. It has one hit kill on all round & more read below for all...
  15. R

    Solved  Please Help RGH default.xex issues im new

    Ok so basically I got a RGH yesterday so I know some basics and so originally my black ops wasn't working I did some exploring and my black ops didn't have a folder in the content directory so I guess it was missing the title update I added the number folder and the second folder put in the new...
  16. BO1 XPA

    [BO1] Private Match Trickshotting for XB1/360

    Yo! I'll be hosting a trickshot lobby for Black Ops 1. Send BibaStorm a message! If you have a mic, feel free to use it. Note: I have it set to 1 kill, so do NOT waste a killcam!
  17. BO1 XPA

    [XB1/360] BO1 Team Tactical XP Lobby

    I am hosting a Black Ops 1 XP Lobby. It is one where you kill yourself, and then you back out. If you would like an invite, comment your GT Below, or message it to me.
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