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    Unsolved  A new racing game that's being built to specifically support community mods

    Hi guys, There's a game being built called '22 Racing Series' (I'm one of the developers on it) that's being built from the ground up to fully support a modding community and content creator economy. We've been developing all our own game engine tech, game logic, and mod tools for the last 10...
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    Xbox One  GTA V Motorcycle Club (Screaming Six) now recruiting

    We are recruiting loyal and active members to join our motorcycle club, we are Xbox One only, however there is lots of money to be made and friends to find, we treat everyone as family, no matter what. If you wish you join please add my Xbox Account DSMC Nirvana or leave a reply on this post.
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    fastest bike? fastest bike top speed? fastest car? fastest car top speed? best overall car etc??
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