1. An Indian sepoy

    Unsolved  Player count for BF1 DLC maps

    Hi guys! I know it's late, but , I was thinking about getting the DLC for BF1. My question is, how many people still play on the DLC maps? I want to get the DLC to unlock some achievements. So, is the DLC worth getting at the moment?
  2. victimizing

    Solved  Battlepacks with Premium?

    I pre-ordered just the normal Battlefield 1 a few months ago, and after playing a good amount of it I decided to buy Premium (when the game was fairly new), and it said that I would get some Battlepacks when they released them. So far it has been a few months, Battlepacks have been released, and...
  3. Pyroman

    Discussion  They shall not pass teaser trailer

    Shows off a new "Super Heavy Tank" This model is the "Char 2c French Super Heavy Tank" The real model has 12 crew members and I am thinking this will be a new Behemoth. I can't wait to see what comes from this, seems like a really nice addition to the game.
  4. P

    Video  Trolling on the Battlefield - Battlefield 1

  5. S1ND1C4T3 Rogue

    Video  LONGEST SNIPER SHOT ( WORLD RECORD ) - Battlefield 1

  6. S1ND1C4T3 Rogue

    Video  SHOTGUN SNIPER!!!!! OP -Battlefield 1

  7. S

    Xbox One  Rainbow 6: Seige

    Just looking for people to get down on Rainbow Six and possibly be part of our crew. You don't have to be amazing but decent. We also play rocket league and BF1 and Dead Rising 4. Follow us on twitter if you are interested! Twitter: @SinflGaming
  8. P

    Video  Top 5 Plays of the Week - Battlefield 1

    Tell me whatcha guys think! Starting a new series called Top Play Tuesday! Check it out and submit your clips!
  9. pastysmasher

    Discussion  Will this game last?

    Reason for this thread is quite simple: Do you think this game will last? It is a stripped down version of the previous Battlefield games and it seems there is not a lot to aim for. Most of the weapons are easy to get and pretty much unlocked straight away and after that there is just war...
  10. pastysmasher

    Video  Ballroom Blitz Glitch - Top of the tower - easy

    Just to be clear, this is not my glitch. Not sure who came up with the original of this but it wasn't me. This is a great little glitch to get you on top of and inside the tower on Ballroom Blitz. You get a great vantage point and you can do a little exploring whilst up there. Hopefully is...
  11. Wiggly

    Discussion  Amiens Skybarrier Glitch (Top of the Rooftops)

    Tutorial: 1. Get to the broken down building 2. Run and spam your jump button to mantle twice up into the building 3. Run at the hole in the floor and mantle up twice more to get on top of the structure 4. Walk up to the corner of the roof and spam your jump button to mantle up onto the rooftop!
  12. Filloti

    Discussion  Battlefield 1 - All Primary Weapon Stats

    Below in the picture, you will find EVERY weapon in the Medic, Support, Recon and Assault class. If this post gets seen enough times I will post one with the Secondary, Vehicles and Misc weapons. Enjoy - Filloti.
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