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  1. Restxrt

    Discussion  Amour 2019 v1.0 by Restxrt + Download

    Amour 2019 v1.0 TU8 All Client Menu This is my v1.0 of Amour 2019 for Modern Warfare 2. This menu was a lot of work and fun at the same time, and I really hope everyone will enjoy this piece of art! Huge thanks to everyone to helped me through the making of my best menu out ever (in my...
  2. Restxrt

    Solved  NEED TESTER FOR PATCH_MP.FF // RestxrtModz

    Hi Se7ensins! I am currently looking for a tester to test my TU6 patch_mp.ff, since it got bypassed I guess alot of people are going to go back to making TU6 menus. I am making a menu base at the moment, trying to make it smooth and simple at the same time including nice features like verify...
  3. L

    Tutorial  10 Xbox 360 Reliability Upgrades/ Best way to prevent Red Ring/ Cool down Xbox 360/ Best fan mod.

    So we all know how unreliable Xenon and Zephyr 360s are, but what are the best ways to keep an Xbox 360 from breaking/ RROD? I thought of 10 essential and not so essential upgrades you can make to your Xbox 360. Xbox 360 Reliability upgrades Essential: 1. Upgrade thermal compound - arctic...
  4. E

    All  EGuk recruiting now!! Xb1

    EGuk (ExtremeGaminguk) are now on the look out for new members to join our elite team of gamers. We play cod, battlefield minecraft and even ARK (with our own dedicated server) plus many more. Our team are outkast from iG (intensive gaming) Message EGuk JOOK for more information XBOX One only...
  5. J

    Discussion  Best cod of all time?

    Best cod ever? Got to be mw2 for me... always a **** ton of modders online when I was playing haha :tongue: what's everyone else's choice? Post below
  6. B

    Solved  Best Reliable Mod Menu with RP Drop?

    Hey I was wondering what the most reliable free mod menu is for gta5 Online, Looking for one with RP drop. I've tried SkyAcro v7.5 and it had a working RP drop but i've been told it's unreliable, It corrupted my avatar updates but i think it did because i tried running Legacy, And SkyAcro v7.5...
  7. XGC Skorpionkng

    Xbox One Clan Recruiting

    If you are tired of playing by yourself or want a gaming community to play with...join me and my clan ( XGC Thanatos). We are a active CoD clan with multiple players from around the world. We also play other games for example battlefield, sports, destiny and smite etc. So come join a great...
  8. N

    If you want to Join a Clan (CLick Here)

    HALO 5 Recruitment We have had people in place for this clan for months, we have waited for people to get ranks, and for others to buy the game. We now feel comfortable starting it up with 30 members ready, and you can be the next one to join on our race to 100 members for our first division...
  9. SensationalYT

    Discussion  [Poll] - Best Guns for Each Weapon Category (Excluding Shotguns and Sniper Rifles)

    I wanted to make a video detailing the most popular weapons among the gaming community. If they are popular, then that almost always means they are giving players the best games with the most amount of kills. Granted that also falls on the player's skill level. A side goal is to also give an...
  10. o M A F 1 A o

    Mod Menu  [REL] XMC ModMenu v6.0 Final - IV/EFLC

    V6.0 Final! Keep in mind, this is just a .5 (5 sub-versions) after v5.5.Farewell GTA IV Community - Emman This menu includes a 18 slot mod loader. Name them xmc1.sco - xmc18.sco LB + RB or L1 + R1 for IV/TBOGT Download - Everyone (Private version) Virus Scan Download - Admin (Will ONLY work...
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