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    Patched RC to Car Merge

    TBH Sharing this from the other thread Car to Car Except Rather than using the Donor Car, You can use your RC requires: Arena Workshop Bunker FCR 1000 RC Bandito Spawn in your bunker Buy the FCR 1000 Do the...
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    Solved Is it possible to save modded liveries

    I've been using mod menus on PC for ages now yet never been able to save the liveries i have on. Is there any tool to do this? nvm got it
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    Solved benny's merge rim color

    anyone know the steps to changing the rim color when merging benny's to a car so the rim color is unselected? thanks for the help in advance!
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    [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Helpful Links: Crew Matte Pearl Texture Arena on Arena War Vehicles. Setting up a Donor Vehicles with Secret gold interiors. Merge a Bandito to another Vehicle. Merging special vehicles Merging the Anti Aircraft trailer
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    Benny's on any vehicle workaround no upgraded needed

    Luvinie Franklin (Xbox One) 1. Spawn @ your bunker & go to Arena 2. Invite ur friend helping to UR arena he hovers over the last page of the arena invite. 3. You start titan of a job press B & hover on confirm quit black alert. 4. Ur friend hovering on arena invite goes to the party joins U...
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    Duplicate post: founder ??? requirements :you will need to own an arena property with levels G,b1,b2,a vapid minivan a donor car and the car you will be modding and a friend friends...
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    Discovery Incomplete Way To Merge Upgrades (+Benny's) Onto Almost ANY Car *NEED HELP*

    My friend Edub_1234 and I discovered a way to merge all upgrades (yes, Benny's, modded paints, Yanktons, etc. as well) onto almost any car in the game. There are a few exceptions, but that would be too much to explain here. The point is, we need to be able to either save the vehicle in the race...
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    Solved 3D Paint Question

    I have a handful of 3D painted vehicles and I've changed 3D paint on them by changing the secondary color to crew, which affects the primary color thus turning the entire car to a new crew color. But, after someone does this can that person afterwards go back and change the secondary color...
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