benny wheels

  1. 2 Fuego

    Patched  *EASY* Car 2 Car Merge (1-4 Players)

    This is basically a faster workaround to the Mors Mutual method. Founder: ??? Requirements: Car Meet Membership Donor Car Helper Setup: - Destroy the personal vehicles that you want to merge the mods onto - Bring donor car inside LS car meet Glitch: 1. Start or join a sprint (Host + anyone...
  2. 2 Fuego

    Working  (BEFF) EASY Car 2 Car Merge *NO Dupe or GCTF required*

    THIS IS NOT JUST THE CAR 2 SERVICE CAR MERGE - THIS IS A FULL CAR 2 CAR MERGE ***Works on old & new gen*** Requirements: NetCut + 2 consoles / friend (Both consoles must be running the same version of the game) Auto Shop Bunker STOCK service car Donor car Money Setup: Spawn at / or Enter...
  3. B

    Solved  Question: How do people get modded cars on Xbox One?

    I have seen people with Benny wheels and F1 wheels on cars they shouldnt be on and I have wanted to learn how to do this. Is it possible on Xbox One and where can I learn to do it? I apologize if this is not the right thread to post because I don’t know what it would be consider to be..
  4. Fouliex

    Patched  Rc 2 Car merge (solo)

    requires: - Arenaworkshop - Modded Rc bandito 1. Go in you're arena 2. Get the car in the arena workshop that you want modded 3. Go to you're rc bandito and change something 4. Now walk behind the mechanic like in the video 5. Request a job from simeon/gerald 6. Press the button to...
  5. Fouliex

    Patched  GTA Online Car 2 Car Merge

    Car 2 Car merge requires: Arenaworkshop with Benny's Bunker around 300k Gta $ donor Car Spawn in your bunker Buy the cheapest benny bike to your arena workshop Do the scuba tank glitch Go in Arena and Upgrade your bike to the custom variant and chang the fuel tank if you're bike is not...
  6. SMGLR

    Tutorial  FLIP Benny’s, F1s and liveries using Oppressor MK1 to Car

    Hello everyone. I would like to congrats se7ensins for their new website design. I tried hard to check all threads if this technique is available here or no, but I didnt find any. Hightlight me if I am stepping on any other thread. Since magicslot is a hot topic in some communities, I found a...
  7. Mighty Zeus

    Working  Creating a FULL Donor Car with all the "unique" features

    The intention of this post is to teach you how to create "from scratch" a FULL Donor Vehicle with all of the "unique" features, ready to be transfered / merged to any other vehicle: Benny´s wheels that have unscratched color Seasonal Honk Patriot Smoke Unscratched paint job...
  8. Thugpassion313

    Benny's on any vehicle workaround no upgraded needed

    Luvinie Franklin (Xbox One) 1. Spawn @ your bunker & go to Arena 2. Invite ur friend helping to UR arena he hovers over the last page of the arena invite. 3. You start titan of a job press B & hover on confirm quit black alert. 4. Ur friend hovering on arena invite goes to the party joins U...
  9. K

    Solved  Benny wheels on scarab

    so the merge glitch still works but I have a question. I have a friend who has Benny wheels on his scarab. When I merge them, the wheels won’t go over to the scarab.. how is this possible?
  10. X

    Solved  Benny’s rims on Normal cars?

    hi fellow glitchers. Is there anyway to get benny,s rims onto normal cars on ps4? If anyone have an idea to do it i would be happy to know. Chuck
  11. S

    Solved  Benny's GTA V PS4

    Hello, PLEASE, Does anyone know some glitch that puts bennys wheels on x80? today I saw one in session ... PS4 tks
  12. Classique

    Patched  Benny Wheels on Any Car (Any platform?)

    Hello. One of my pals on another forum found a way on how to put Benny wheels on a non-bennyfied Tornado, but he is unsure of how he did it. So that's why I'm asking for help with this. He is not on Se7enSins, but his account name on the other forum is Prince_Polaris, so credit goes to him for...
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