1. Contrabassoonist

    Discussion  Golden Peyote Beast Hunt Map

    TL;DR: After going through the 27 regular peyotes, there are 7 further "golden" ones that only show up under certain circumstances. When you eat them in the correct order, during your last hallucination you can hunt a beast by following its growls leading you from one of its kills to another...
  2. OxenGaming

    Working  *NEW* Teleport "TEAM PILE UP GLITCH" BO3 SOE Under Stairs Glitch (After Patch)

    Step 1: Enter beast mode and jump down quick, help if theres a bit of lag.. Step 2: Exit beast mode and run under the stairs! Step3: Kill,kill,kill,kill Enjoy!
  3. K

    Patched  Hunt The Beast Clothing Glitch

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