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battlefield 4

  1. Battlefield 4: Operation Locker - The Best Kills

    Battlefield 4: Operation Locker - The Best Kills

    Battlefield 4: Operation Locker - The Best Kills. #battlefield4 #bf4 #battlefield4clips #battlefield2042 #bf2042 battlefield 4,bf4,battlefield 4 2022,bf4 2022,battlefield 4 operation locker,gatekeeper10,battlefield 4 operation locker the best kills, battlefield 4 multiplayer, operation locker, b
  2. Here are the BEST Killstreaks in Battlefield 4: The Pearl Market!

    Here are the BEST Killstreaks in Battlefield 4: The Pearl Market!

    Here are the BEST Killstreaks in Battlefield 4: The Pearl Market!. Battlefield 4: The Pearl Market is a great expansion for any Battlefield fan and we're excited to show you all the great features it has to offer. So be sure to check out this video and see for yourself just how powerful these Kills
  3. Battlefield 4 : KillStreak | Operation Metro

    Battlefield 4 : KillStreak | Operation Metro

    Best skills and killstreak in operation metro
  4. F

    Question  need update 20

    Whenever i start battlefield 4 it says theres an new update but when i press ok to download it it does nothing and i cannot join any matches and i heard there was a update that was 1.5 gb and i only have update 4 installed and i cant seem to find update 20 update : xbox unity does not have the...
  5. W

    UCAV Boosting or ANY Kind

    Willing to boost for UCAV. Can help out whoever lets me kill 10 times total (5 times 1 round and 5 times in another round or 10 times in 1 round) while Im in a jet. PSN is TheRealW04 (thats a zero)
  6. Token

    Tools  [RGH/JTAG] Hidden Devil's BF4 RTM Mod Tool [Aimbot, Wallhack, UAV & No Recoil]

    Hi guys, I noticed that there was no mods or tools posted on here for Battlefield 4 so I thought I would share mine. Download Page: https://www.sendspace.com/file/b7y0vh Direct Download...
  7. Camatoo

    Need help with UCAV unlock

    Hey, i need help unlocking the UCAV gagdet. i still need 2 ribbons (10 kills) in a jet. willing to repay the favor by helping in another unlocks. im mostly EUTZ and have found some empty servers with 1player start. hit me in origin under Camatoo
  8. Vice City

    Discussion  Community Test Environment Ending on March 6th

    DICE officially announced the ending of the Community Test Environment last night with a post over on Battlelog. The CTE was a tool used to test further improvements for Battlefield 4 due to feedback from the community and to implement new ideas & DLC stability and overall game balancing tweaks...
  9. R

    Spellhale Battlefield 4 Clan Recruitment

    Hello We are Team Spellhale and we are starting a BF4 Team that is owned by another member If you would like to join Just Message either Relicix1 or epiccar09 (he is using his little brothers account as his PS3 broke)
  10. V

    Bf4 & bf3 players

    Hi guys looking for a few guys to play battlefield with as noneof my friends play it give me an add if your up for a battlefield rampage GT.... VekzR
  11. DICE Reveals All of the Changes Coming to Dragon Valley 2015

    DICE Reveals All of the Changes Coming to Dragon Valley 2015

    Coming soon to Battlefield 4 is Dragon Valley 2015. Originally released for Battlefield 2, the map will be returning to Battlefield 4 as a map in the upcoming Legacy Operation update. DICE’s main goal with this map was to create something large enough to support the game’s 32 vs 32 large-scale...
  12. D

    Discussion  Need Phantom Bow Dog Tags

    If anyone has any of the Phantom Dog Tags my friend and I would REALLY appreciate your help on getting these. If you guys have any questions message me on my PSN: D_WAYNE1989
  13. RaoulDuke

    Discussion  Community Operations Launching Tomorrow!

    The map that the community had their hands in, and has been worked on for over six months is finally here. Operation Outbreak and the Fall Patch will be released tomorrow October 27th for all platforms! :biggrin: This thread can also serve as a discussion for your thoughts and opinions on the...
  14. humantree92

    Battlefield 4 Phantom Bow Boosting

    Here is what i needvvvv Phantom Prospect: 94 kills with Main Battle Tank Phantom Trainee: 39 kills with Pistol, 2z Shotgun ribbons in a round Phantom Initiate: None I can get the Shotgun ribbons by myself i just need to get the rest done. Message me on Xbox 360 Human Tree92 or add me. Will...
  15. Night Operations: The First Night Map For Battlefield

    Night Operations: The First Night Map For Battlefield

    Today, DICE has finally unveiled something players have been asking for in nearly every game in the Battlefield series. A nighttime map. DICE has been hard at work creating this for Battlefield 4, and decided to let the community work together to decide what they would like to see. After months...
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