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    Discussion Will this game last?

    Reason for this thread is quite simple: Do you think this game will last? It is a stripped down version of the previous Battlefield games and it seems there is not a lot to aim for. Most of the weapons are easy to get and pretty much unlocked straight away and after that there is just war...
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    Video Dice please fix this in BF1!

    That stupid Bug is bothering me. It's already the 5th time this happened. I need to restart the console, so that the game works again :( Anybody else having this bug?
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    Hi all, Some tips and tricks on how to snipe in BF1 Video - Be patient. Dont rush people. Try find a good angle on the enemies. If you get shot at by sniper or anyone then move, (dont try and retaliate) find new cover and set up again. When moving from cover dont run straight, try and...
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    Video Battlefield 1: Brutal Kills!

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    Video Battlefield 1: Combo Kills!

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    Discussion Battlefest!

    Welcome to Battlefest Battlefest is a celebration for the Battlefield community. Between November 16 and November 27, Battlefield 1 players will be treated to a slew of events, giveaways, missions, and in-game activations. Battlefest is themed around playing the objective. There are several...
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    Discussion Map changes, Battlefest and Custom games information

    Here is some information that Battlefield released earlier today. I put all the information in spoilers so it will be easier to find the information you want to look at. Nothing really suprising, but the map changes on Suez canal.
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    Video BATTLEFIELD 1 Funny Moments (Drunk RedNeck)

    funny drunk redneck, playing BATTLEFIELD 1 on Xbox One
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    Discussion Amiens Skybarrier Glitch (Top of the Rooftops)

    Tutorial: 1. Get to the broken down building 2. Run and spam your jump button to mantle twice up into the building 3. Run at the hole in the floor and mantle up twice more to get on top of the structure 4. Walk up to the corner of the roof and spam your jump button to mantle up onto the rooftop!
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    Discussion Battlefield 1 - All Primary Weapon Stats

    Below in the picture, you will find EVERY weapon in the Medic, Support, Recon and Assault class. If this post gets seen enough times I will post one with the Secondary, Vehicles and Misc weapons. Enjoy - Filloti.
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    Discussion Battlefield 1 - Morse Code Mystery?

    This is the first that I've heard of it, but it sounds so cool - It sounded that cool, I just had to share it on here and ask for your opinions. Have you heard of this mystery before? Players have discovered some mysterious headphones scattered around the maps, which can be picked up by a...
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    Discussion Battlepack revision thread - Current revision number: 11

    Current Revision: 11 - Revision Starter Pack Revision 1 Revision 2 Revision 3 Revision 4 Revision 5 Revision 6 Revision 7 Revision 8 Revision 9 Revision 10 "Holiday" Revision 11 As of 11/22/16 You can now buy battle packs for the following prices(in usd) 1 for $1.79 3 for $4.94 5 for $8.09...
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    Discussion [PATCHED] Battlefield 1: XP Glitch ( Really fast)

    Hello guys! -( Still working after Patch 1.02) I found a good way to level up fast + get a higher gun class. What you need is a boat, so only in levels with boats you can do this glitch. You can see the location in the video! Just do...
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    Discussion Favorite/Best Dog Tags

    As you complete tasks and do certain things, you'll unlock dog tags. Some will be harder to come by than others, whilst others will be for getting x amount of kills with y weapon... We'd all love to see your favorite/best dog tags!! Think of this thread as a little bit of bragging rights...
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    Discussion Battlefield 1 patch notes

    I will update this thread with any patch notes that come around as soon as I am able to. I will put past updates in a spoiler and titled with a date. Current Patch: 2/15/17 MAJOR UPDATE: RIBBONS You will now be able to collect Ribbons as you play. There are 20 different Ribbons to collect, and...
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    Discussion Current Score/Min Ratio?

    This is just a little thread so as to track your performance and see how you compete against your fellow S7 members! Be sure to post your score per minute, as well as your regular game mode. You should post your updated scores regularly, so that way we can see who's getting better or worse...
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    Discussion Single player unlocks for multiplayer

    There is 2 7 Now!(That we know of) Campaign unlocks that go into the multiplayer part of Bf1 No particular order here they are: First: M1909 - Trench Cleaner Finish the Single Player Campaign Second: Landship - Black Bess Finish the Single Player Campaign + All Field Manuals +...
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    Discussion *Updated* How to earn Battlepacks in BF1 and Battlepack information

    Here is how you can get them: The Battlepack system is completely random when you complete a game. You have to just complete the game in order to be in the rng pool. At the end of the round after the player stats are shown off a little box will pop up at the bottom of the screen, it will say...
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