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    Discussion PS Vita 3.68 H-encore bans?

    Ok so as stated by the title this will be a discussion on your opinions on if there should/will be ban waves on a CFW Vita system. I personally own many modified consoles and do take bans quite seriously. Sony on the other hand doesn't hand out bans quite as easily as Xbox (personal opinion). I...
  2. Valve’s Team Fortress 2 Bans

    Valve’s Team Fortress 2 Bans

    The Team Fortress 2 community found itself butting heads with Valve this weekend, as the company banned numerous players found to be using a popular cheating script. But misinformation, suspected to have been spread by banned players themselves, led numerous users to criticize Valve’s ban...
  3. K

    Solved GTA V Modded Lobbies

    Hi, I have a very simple question. I bought GTA V like half a month ago and I see that most of the things in the game are overpriced. That's why I'm here, but here's my question: If I collect modded money, will I get banned ?
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