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  1. G

    Solved  Disable or remove VAC?

    Hi, is there a way to disable VAC or prevent myself from being able to connect to secured servers? So to give some backstory before I begin I was VAC banned from Dying Light about a year ago for using the Dev/Debug Menu that was released at the time for the game. I had just been given it, used...
  2. C

    Question  Black ops 1 unbanning?

    Just wondering if anyone knows a way to unban yourself or someone that can unban my profile from black ops 1 servers?
  3. TinCanManFam

    Solved  WILL I GET BANNED? The answer....

    Its been along time since i was on xbox 360 picking up hoards of money bags £40.000 each and it has recently got me thinking...after 161million i never got banned or even a hint of worry that i would...my point is...what scenarios will get you banned... And im mostly on about XBOX ONE rather...
  4. D

    Solved  PS4 unban account?

    hello I was wondering if it's possible to unban a account on PS4 or PS3. I have a jailbroken PS3 I haven't played in ages but I forgot my main account I use on my PS4 is on there so psn permanently banned my ACCOUNT not my system. Is there ANY POSSIBLE way of getting my account back
  5. Digital HD

    Discussion  Suspension, Ban, Cheater and Reset Discussion Thread

    Since there seems to be a lot of talk lately about suspensions, bans, cheater pool and being reset, I thought it would be appropriate to make this thread to hopefully cut back on the amount of threads being made about these topics. This thread will frequently be updated with the latest alert...
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