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  1. 11094

    Discussion  Gamerscore modding

    I recently modded my dummy account's gamerscore up to 122,680. I know for sure I'll get reset eventually, but I'm not concerned about that, I'm wondering... what actually will happen if I do it again, even after getting reset? And again, and again so on and so forth? Will Microsoft get sick of...
  2. bl1gh7y

    Question  Banned from fortnite for running cheat software on xbox one?

    Hi guys, I've been banned from Fortnite on xbox one for nothing, an on screen message said I had been exploiting. Emailed the customer support when I recieved the ban only to be told 9 days later that the ban was for cheating. I asked at that point to please explain further as exploiting and...
  3. M

    Question  Using primary Xbox Live profile on an offline RGH 360 resulting in ban?

    I have a game that's got some DLC content that is no longer available and I want those achievements :). I have the retail game disc, but would have to download the DLC and install it on my RGH 360. Would I get banned if I play the game with the DLC on my RGH 360 while it being disconnected from...
  4. A

    Question  Am i gonna get banned?

    In 2016 i went into a lot of modded lobbies and got calling cards and camos stuff like that on black ops 2.I got banned. Now in 2019 I wanna go back on the game and play some private match. Will i get banned? I don’t wanna get banned.
  5. TasosNG

    Solved  PS4 maxro in RDO

    Hello guys! I watched a video where you can set up the PS4 macro and let the game play it shelf. Do you guys use this method? Do you know if this can get me banned?
  6. X

    Solved  Just Banned for 1 Month

    Is their any way to play online in the meantime without paying for the game again ? & I apologize to the mods if this isn't the proper place. I didn't know where else to post for a quick reply EDIT: On PC btw, via Social Club
  7. P

    How to get unbanned from Halo Reach online?

    I was banned in 2013 from halo reach online for using a mod to mess with my service tag and change my armor. I'm logging back in now and I get the same message I did before: "This account has been banned permanently from Halo: Reach online." It would also say that my console was banned. But now...
  8. D

    Question  Purchasing a "Banned" console

    Hello! So for start, I'm a little new to se7ensins! If I'm doing something wrong by posting here please just let me know :smile: Recently I've been looking into purchasing a unit currently running on firmware 4.50 so I can jailbreak and have access to my library of PS2 games, whilst also being...
  9. C

    Question  Black ops 1 unbanning?

    Just wondering if anyone knows a way to unban yourself or someone that can unban my profile from black ops 1 servers?
  10. J

    Solved  Would KV ban?

    I have an Xbox 360 trinity rgh 2. I haven't gone online on it in while and the kv is unbanned. I used xb line and the kv never got banned since I wasn't a hardcore modder and didn't play much. I need to use my rgh for 30 minutes online on the dashboard. I was gonna use rebellion or another free...
  11. D

    Solved  Need help - banned on Xbox live after posting duping group

    I got banned from Xbox live when I posted in Xbox live looking for groups about looking for someone to dupe with. This is the message I got. " Looking for Group 3/10/2018, 11:40:46 AM Enforcement Detail :- This account’s Looking for Group post contained inappropriate content. This content may...
  12. M

    Question  Console banned ps4 anything I can do about this?

    basically, the first time I got banned it was just an account ban for buying games and then taking the money back. So I made a new account and done the same which was a stupid idea. Now i am console banned and I just wanted to know if there was something i could do to use my playstation again. I...
  13. Trond

    Solved  Creator Ban?

    I've heard the term 'Creator ban' and 'Creator Banned', but how do I know if I have been hit with it myself? A week or so ago I posted a link to a Capture AFK playlist I had made, in a thread here on se7en. In about 15 minutes or so, the playlist and all my 16 jobs were deleted. I never heard...
  14. S

    Question  Permaban, but not by activision or microsoft

    I was recently given an in-game notice that I was permanently banned from Ghosts multiplayer. I contacted microsoft and activision and both said that their is no restrictions on either account. The only thing I was told was that I was probably hacked and banned but activision cant reverse it. Is...
  15. Prorampage301

    Solved  Transfering DLC that belongs to a banned account to a new console

    I have a lot of DLC downloaded that belongs to my old banned account, I'm still able to play it since the account is on the console. Can I move the banned account and the DLC onto a flash drive and use it to play on a new console?
  16. bdhart

    Solved  Can spending too much modded money at one time get you banned?

    So a few days ago I got a mod menu for 1.41 version of GTA online. I went into an invite-only session with a trusted friend (so not report). I proceeded to drop him 2k money bags (for about 300k at a time then stopped and restarted later), add about 18-22 million to my character through a...
  17. malikass007

    Solved  bypass Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from the rockstar games service

    hello sinners i have the last month problems with loggin in i cant get online i cant use the IFRUIT app i cant log in the website of socialclub after reset cache and format ps4 and i still get this messagge ( Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from the rockstar...
  18. CHXSEN420

    Discussion  Suspended because of Mods

    I'm actually amazed that after all these years, they're still banning people for modding on BO1. Yesterday i received a 2 week suspension for using theatre mods. I knew that theyre strict on modding, but for a game thats as old as this im genuinely surprised. I was just wondering if anyone else...
  19. I

    How can I downgrade to TU20 - made a huge mistake and losing sleep over it

    This is my first post here so hello everyone. Some background: I am a father of two boys, who both love Minecraft on the Xbox 360. Their favourite version is TU20, as they have played the PC version at a friend's house and are vehemently opposed to the newer updates. I have been directed to this...
  20. Shane89

    Question  Got banned in 15 minutes

    Hey everyone. First post here. However, I have been modding for a while now and some times I get banned in 1 month from Microsoft, other times it's longer. Moreover, I was using ninja stealth and took off my jiggy menu to place the IronWolf menu to mod some zombies and have some fun. I joined...
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