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    Tutorial reload to the HQ ones you have done that spam the L1 & R1 you should have the hulkbuster now in the HQ follow where i go and you out of the map
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    Mobile MCOC ROGUE Gameplay ❌ MARVEL Batalla de Superheroes

    MCOC ROGUE Gameplay ❌ MARVEL Batalla de Superheroes
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    PS4 Prelude to AVENGERS: ENDGAME !! THANOS in MVCI !!

    Prelude to AVENGERS: ENDGAME !! THANOS in MVCI !! In the video and as a prelude to AVENGERS: ENDGAME, we played with Thanos in MVCI or Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and we are already looking forward to the movie !!
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    Patched Default Bunker, guns and pv. Default facility

    EDIT: 8/9/18 The part from with getting into the default was patched but can confirm that it is working again after nightclub update. this method was used for GCTF and was patched and would spawn you right into the MOC. After update it is now working the same again. Also to add with extra...
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    Patched Glitched out Black and white fuzzy screen Avenger glitch

    Ok So I'm not sure where to go from here, so here it goes. Hopefully, we can find something good with this one. (Get a recent activity ready to start off) 1. Get in the avenger driver seat. 2. Hold Pause / options button and then hold right on d-pad to enter the hold of the avenger. As soon as...
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    Patched Special Cargo in Avenger Easy Trick

    Hey all, don't think this has been posted here. I am not the founder, Project Helisexuality on YouTube claims he saw it first from “skyfamster” on the GTAForums. So here’s a simple trick for the poor saps still doing special cargo: 1.) Retrieve the cargo 2.) Walk into your Avenger and interact...
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    Patched Glitched in friends facility

    After the solo recent activity into cockpit dupe was patched, I figured I'd give it a shot using my friends facility and avenger. Same thing happened. So I then decided to try again with his avenger only when I reached the cockpit door I would first accept the doomsday text from Lester then...
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    Patched 2 Person - Invisible Avenger

    PS: Was only Tested on PS4 Most Likely Works on all though. Well i was just Foolin Round and My friend invited me to his bunker so may work with other invites but not sure yet. I joined as i Drove out with avener and only saw myself avenger invisible people couldnt see me either just radar icon...
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    Video How much destruction can the new AVENGER cause in Free Roam?

    How much damage can The NEW Avenger cause in Free Roam?
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    Patched Get Back Into Avenger with your Deluxo (While in Auto Pilot)

    Hi, i found a way to get back into your Avenger while in Auto-Pilot-Mode. You need to land your Deluxo on the Avenger, and get between the top turret and the back of the avenger. I made a video to show you how i did it, im pretty bad at explaining. If the thread is wrong here, a mod please move...
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