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avatar update

  1. S

    Solved  Avatar Update Won't Install (17526, Corona V2)

    Hello, I need a way to install the avatar update for 17562, but after renaming the $SystemUpdate file to $$ystemUpdate and then going into xexmenu all I get is a black screen, this is upon opening xexmenu. I am disconnected from internet and I have xblonline on. The USB I am using is also FAT32...
  2. 1

    Solved  17511 avatar update won't install on RGH 360

    I got an RGH 360 with 17511 dashboard and installed dash launch 3.18.1 from usb stick. I also have xexemu on the stick, in case it's needed. Everything seems to work fine, except for XBLIG and the kinect sensor. I read I need the avatar update for that, so I downloaded the 17511 version and put...
  3. K

    Solved  xbox 360 avatar update - corona 4g rgh

    Hi! Could you please help me with a problem I encountered while I was trying to update avatars with xebuild? I've followed the forum's tutorials for my xbox 360 corona 4g rgh jtag. I've done the last update with new Kernel 17511 with xeBuild using simple 360 nand flasher, it was a success...
  4. leemorrisfirm

    Question  R-JTAG When i try to join a party from xnotify it goes to a black screen

    I restart and it asks me to do the Avatar update but crashes so the only way to fix this is do it manually but it asks me again later on to do the update it happens over and over again what could this be I have tried many things to fix the I even redid my kernel manually installing the avatar...
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