1. N

    PS4  Car / Cruises

    Looking to either start or join a car focused crew. I want car meet ups, cruises, street races etc. anyone either know of a crew or interested in starting one with me? PS4
  2. Adudz88

    Solved  Lost iFruit privileges???

    Hey guys/gals... I'm sure most of us that continuously reach our daily sell limit have lost our iFruit privileges (custom plates, etc) by now. I have an idea so if anyone is willing to try out or if anyone else has done this please let me know your results. The idea is to delete every custom...
  3. Adudz88

    Patched  Free Custom License Plates (a different method)

    What's up my Se7enSins peeps? We got a nice little license plate freebie glitch here. Founder: Me Prerequisites: - a Smartphone with iFruit App - 100k in the bank Steps: 1) Do WFG's Director Mode Glitch (link to steps below)...
  4. Adudz88

    Patched  TP Method using TV

    I've only been able to test this out on PS4 so plz let me know if this works on other consoles as well. How to Teleport in GTA Online using the Television after 1.38. You can teleport to almost any player in an online session with this method! Steps: *You will need a friend who's playing in...
  5. Adudz88

    Solved  R* Removed Patriot Tire smoke off all of my vehicles

    I just noticed a little while ago that some of my vehicles weren't producing any tire smoke. I went to one of my garages & pulled out a couple more cars that I know for sure were spinning red, white, & blue as of yesterday. If they really went in & took everyone's crew smoke off all of their...
  6. oli_152

    Video  GTA's AI, everyone

    Where they f*cking took their driving licenses? In a box of Cracker Jack?
  7. Claws

    Tutorial  How to auto-join gamechat

    There's been many of times that I've been sitting in my friend chat without realizing it in a competitive game. Communication is key in this strategy based game, so it is crucial to always be communicating with your team. Here's how you set your chat to automatically join gamechat when you're...
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