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    Reply with Activision ID to get added what you get: - camos - XP - weapon XP - challenges 3v3 or 6v6 lobbies
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    Solved  Rebug 4.82.2 "System Software Cannot be run correctly." HELP

    So every time I try to load up my GTA 5 it brings up a black screen saying "The system software cannot be run correctly. Press the PS button to try to restart the system." I am on Rebug 4.82.2 DEX. I've tried going into safe mode and Rebuilding Database and Restoring the file system. It worked...
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    Solved  Need help with my RGH!

    Hello, basically this is my second RGH, my first one i didn't have a problem with, but this one i get this error every time i click "My games" or "my apps" or "recent" and i can't do anything about it, i deleted everything off my harddrive, change server and its still there (Only when im online...
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    Solved  JTAG/RGH Language Problem.

    Hi there. 1) First up, I have a JTAG XBOX 360 and it worked just fine with games except this particular problems. Recently, I have just downloaded the infamous Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition labelled [MULTI][PAL-NTSC-U] and its in ISO format.The game supposed to game out with multiple...
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