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    Solved Red Dead story mode; how to get into New Austin as Arthur?

    Hi all, I started playing Red Dead redemption and have been doing all the side objectives because this game is Amazing! But I found that you can't finish collecting everything as Arthur. I heard there are some glitches to get him in New Austin but I'm not sure which are even working right now...
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    Unsolved Arthur In The Epilogue Save Editor Issues

    I'm trying to play as Arthur in one of my Epilogue saves but everything seems a bit broken. He's n***d, I can't seem to change clothing (menus freeze if I try to change clothing in a store) and I can't play epilogue missions as Arthur as it reverts back to John's model. If anyone has...
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    Discovery Story mode glitch. New Austin for Arthur?

    so I was playing the mission The fine joys of tobacco and when I was going down the Braithwaite Manor path, I paused and went to YouTube to watch a video so it suspended rdr2. When I came back 25 mins later and played away. Before I reached the grays place the marker disappeared so I went in the...
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    Solved Question: Any way to get into New Austin as Arthur after 1.06?

    It might be a little early for this since the patch just came out, but has anyone found a way to get Arthur into New Austin?
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    Working How to get to New Austin as Arthur

    I am not the founder of this glitch. You have to be in chapter 4 or further and have the mission called "Angelo Bronte, a man of honor". If you have already completed it you can just replay the mission. All you have to do is play the mission as you normally would and after you pick up the grave...
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